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Turkey - Sustainable Cities Project : environmental and social management framework : Cevresel ve sosyal yonetim cercevesi (Turkish)

The development objective of the Sustainable Cities Project for Turkey is for participating metropolitan municipalities to incrementally improve environmental, financial or economic, and social sustainability. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) protecting non-construction areas, avoiding work in sensitive areas during highly adverse conditions, providing temporary haul roads as appropriate, and restoring damaged areas; (2) maintaining natural drainage where possible, providing suitable wastewater drainage, safe and sanitary disposal of hazardous wastes; (3) controlling dust with water, control construction methods and plant, timing of works, vehicle speeds; (4) restricting through-traffic in residential areas; (5) selecting disposal areas and methods carefully, protecting sensitive areas within and close to site; (6) consulting on risks and adverse impacts of the project and creating opportunities to receive affected communities view on project; and (7) undertaking capacity building to emphasize need for safe working, good supervision, careful planning, and scheduling of work activities.


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    Cevresel ve sosyal yonetim cercevesi

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Turkey - Sustainable Cities Project : environmental and social management framework : Cevresel ve sosyal yonetim cercevesi (Turkish). Turkey : s.n.