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Yemen - Education For All - Fast Track Initiative Third Phase Catalytic Fund Project (English)

The objective of the Education For All - Fast Track Initiative Third Phase Catalytic Fund Project for Yemen is to increase access of children, especially girls, to primary education in seven underserved governorates. The project has three components: component one increasing access to primary education in targeted districts of project governorates. Construction of new primary classrooms and rehabilitation of existing classrooms and school infrastructure in the targeted districts in the project area to provide for about 17,430 primary school student places through the carrying out of works and the provision of consultants' services; component two improves enrolment and retention of primary school students in project governorates. Support to improve the enrollment and retention of primary school students through: (1) the provision of training and contractual fees to about 500 female teachers to teach in remote schools; (2) capacity building through the support of inspection field visits; and (3) the provision of about 900,000 school materials kits to grade one to six primary students in the project area; and component three supports grant implementation, administration and monitoring. Capacity building of about one hundred (100) employees from forty (40) district education offices for using computer equipment through the provision of goods and training. Support to the existing project administration unit (PAU) within the recipient's Ministry of Education (MOE) and the existing project management unit of the Third Public Works Project within the recipient's Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (PMU) for the effective fiduciary management, reporting and monitoring of the project activities through the provision of consultants' services. Support to MOE for the preparation and identification of school sites by school mapping and validation of such sites. Preparation of a study to assess the impact of all three phases of the catalytic fund grants particularly third phase thereof through the provision of consultants' services.


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    Yemen - Education For All - Fast Track Initiative Third Phase Catalytic Fund Project

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