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Improving reading and mathematics in the early grades in West Bank and Gaza : completion summary report (English)

The following report provides a summary of this Technical Assistance (TA) activity conducted in Palestine during FY16. Essentially, it summarizes the contributions of a series of workshops, which involved the participation of staff from different departments of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE), including the Curriculum Center (CC), Assessment and Evaluation Department (AED), National Institute for Educational Training (NIET), Directorate of Planning (DP), Department of Supervision and Quality (DSQ). NIET and DSQ participated both with staff located in their Ramallah headquarters and with staff based in different districts. Overall, the average number of participants for each workshop was around twenty; and the total number of participants who attended at least one of the workshop sessions is up to forty. The selection of participants was jointly agreed with the MOEHE and it implied a balanced mix of staff involved in the curriculum reform process representing the units and departments mentioned above. Moreover, this completion summary report attempts to address the extent to which the Project development objective (PDO) objective and intermediate objectives of the activity have been met. In doing so, this summary report will rely upon the anonymous feedback provided by workshop participants an on indepth individual interviews of selected counterparts carried out at the wrap-up of the last workshop in June 2016. Outcomes of the discussions held during the workshops and documents produced and shared will be taken into account as well.


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    Etori,Emma Paulette

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    Working Paper

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    West Bank and Gaza,

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    Improving reading and mathematics in the early grades in West Bank and Gaza : completion summary report

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    recommendations for action;Curriculum Reform;early grade;teaching and learning materials;series of workshops;Teacher Professional Development;pedagogical content knowledge;exchange of good;international good practice;primary school curriculum;student assessment system;teacher training program;education policy making;test development procedure;reading instruction;arabic language;curriculum standard;assessment instrument;data management;survey design;math curriculum;statistical method;language comprehension;writing instruction;technological tool;word recognition;math textbook;basic topic;linear regression;education statistic;arab countries;regional cooperation;subject specialist;international consultant;significant factor;Political Economy;scientific literature;government expenditure;summative assessment;lesson planning;curriculum expert;institutional environment;daily session;curriculum developer;intermediate indicator;learning experience;practical knowledge;reading comprehension;Formative Assessment;potential contribution;radical reform;transferring knowledge;reform committee;assessment tool;curriculum evaluation;multiple regression;linguistic characteristics;oral language;curriculum framework;



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Etori,Emma Paulette

Improving reading and mathematics in the early grades in West Bank and Gaza : completion summary report (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.