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The Taxation of Offshore Indirect Transfers : a toolkit - draft version 2 (English)

The aim of this report and toolkit is to provide analysis of and options for the tax treatment of OITs. To these ends, it addresses several questions: (i) What considerations arise in deciding whether or not such transfers should be taxed in the country in which the underlying asset is located? (ii) To which types of assets do these considerations suggest that any such taxation should apply? (iii) How can such taxation, if adopted, best be designed and implemented as a practical, legal matter? This report and toolkit does not purport to provide binding rules or authoritative provisions of any kind nor does it aim to establish an international policy standard of any kind. Rather, it is intended to describe an international taxation issue of particular concern to developing countries, and to provide practicable guidance to them on options for how to address that issue, should they choose to do so. As such, the report represents the analysis and conclusions of the tax staffs of the four partner organizations, and does not represent the official views of the organizations’ member countries or Management.


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    a toolkit - draft version 2

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The Taxation of Offshore Indirect Transfers : a toolkit - draft version 2 (English). The Platform for Collaboration on Tax Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.