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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Uganda-Tanzania Interconnector Project - P171243 (English)


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    Project Information Document

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Uganda-Tanzania Interconnector Project - P171243

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    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia; electricity transmission company; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; transmission line; regional power trade; Cost of Doing Business; access to energy service; Gender-Based Violence; power transmission capacity; power system; security of supply; Access to Electricity; electricity generation capacity; cost of supply; electricity access; electricity supply system; transmission and distribution; foreign direct investment; flora and fauna; scarce public fund; safety of worker; regional power system; energy sector integration; renewable energy resource; climate change resilience; regional value chain; sustainable energy production; natural gas generation; natural gas reserves; primary energy resource; gas power plant; availability of electricity; renewable energy capacity; public service delivery; power generation capacity; competitive electricity market; domestic economic activity; export-oriented industry; global economic slowdown; million people; person with disability; Investment Project Financing; energy access; climate resilience; socioeconomic development; rural area; regional transmission; economic diversification; power grids; real gdp; calendar year; installed capacity; transport route; ghg emissions; electricity infrastructure; regional infrastructure; institutional context; interconnection capacity; transmission loss; public subsidy; recent past; hydropower plant; climate variability; maximum demand; power production; national utility; political attention; compensation rate; seasonal variability; hydropower capacity; fuel cost; cost difference; increased demand; consumer base; national grid; electricity system; Proposed Investment; operational parameter; available capacity; increasing trade; increased revenue; supply reliability; industrial growth; comparative advantage; distribution loss; new connections; Grid Electrification; transmission network; demand pattern; Power Market; project datum; increased access; aggregate supply; investment cost; strategic development; electricity sector; economic competitiveness; result indicator; poverty alleviation; Job Creation; electricity network; regional economy; regional cooperation; energy investment; business environment; market rate; mentor program; strategic location; transmission grid; connected generation; liquid fuel; biomass generation; extreme poverty; project costing; intermediate indicator; energy flow; climate proofing; urban development; financing instrument; power engineer; digital connectivity; improved service; protected area; increase productivity; affordable infrastructure; significant challenge; electricity service; power pool; access road; natural environment; employment potential; heavy rain; domestic demand; global slowdown; economic blocs; disposal site; rural transportation infrastructure; power supply; dust emission; industrial park; regional market; climate event; hydropower potential; geothermal resource; land acquisition; diverse resources; supply security; generation cost; vulnerable group; Host Communities; seasonal fluctuation; construction stage; Learning and Innovation Credit; electromagnetic field; social issue; community health; supply shock; private hospitals; social distance; satisfactory manner; vulnerable person; hand hygiene; affordable electricity; social exclusion; regional generation; macroeconomic performance; stakeholder engagement; several countries; recent years; Natural Resources; investment environment; border area; electricity trade; regional disparity; soil erosion; construction waste



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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Uganda-Tanzania Interconnector Project - P171243 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.