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Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of - National and Regional Roads Rehabilitation Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social assessment and management framework (English)

The objective of the National and Regional Roads Rehabilitation Project for Macedonia, FYR is to enhance the connectivity of national and regional roads, primarily to Corridors X and VIII, and to improve their safety and climate resilience. Negative impacts include: air pollution, dust, noise pollution, soil erosion, water quality, drainage, waste management, and loss of ecology, Mitigation measures include: 1) the contractor shall submit storage and its location, and of the filling station and car washing site to the local executive and car washing site to the local executive and their location, further than 500 m from water sources and irrigation systems; 2) fuelling and servicing of equipment and machinery will be confined to designated areas designed to contain spilled lubricants and fuel; 3) provide adequate health care facilities within the construction sites, including first aid equipment and facilities; 4) the contractor shall obtain official approval or valid operating license for the asphalt plant. He shall submit a layout plan of the site of the mixing plant and a method statement on handling of bitumen spills prior to the commencement of works; 5) maintain construction equipment to good standard; improper functioning machinery that causes excessive pollution will be banned from the construction sites; and 6) assure good drainage at all sites within the construction camp to avoid stagnant water bodies which may become breeding sites for vectors of waterborne diseases.


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    Environmental and social assessment and management framework

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Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of - National and Regional Roads Rehabilitation Project : environmental assessment : Environmental and social assessment and management framework (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.