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Final Addendum to Fiduciary Systems Assessment - Additional Financing - Jordan Education Reform Support Program-for-Results - P173091 (English)


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    Abu-Ghaida,Dina N.

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    Program-for-Results Fiduciary Systems Assessment

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    Middle East and North Africa,

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    Final Addendum to Fiduciary Systems Assessment - Additional Financing - Jordan Education Reform Support Program-for-Results - P173091

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    provision of education; organic budget law; financial controller; internal control; Code of Ethics; capital expenditure; principle of transparency; chart of account; allegations of fraud; internal audit activities; corruption; internal audit function; expenditure framework; financial statement; better government service; Public Procurement System; internal auditor; annual budget law; Payroll Management System; internal control environment; national budget system; risk of fraud; internal control framework; conflicts of interest; security of tenure; bureaucratic red tape; personal bank account; access to information; public procurement complaint; Public Financial Management; completeness of information; budget execution; budget preparation process; Consulting services; public financial accountability; budget execution system; capacity building support; software for debt; Early childhood education; risk management arrangements; contract management; procurement of work; scope of audit; government finance statistic; ex ante controls; procurement of equipment; financial reporting system; Rule of Law; budget execution report; ex post audit; flow of information; procurement process; international standard; legal framework; overall expenditure; cash management; functional classification; regular monitoring; multiyear commitments; recent years; budget submission; fiscal stress; budget cut; cash basis; public servant; public official; governmental agency; procurement activities; payroll system; procurement complaints; fiduciary risk; reasonable assurance; application software; finance staff; audit mission; government spending; budget framework; classification system; public complaint; attendance register; cloud computing; budget classification; appropriate standards; program classification; site visits; transparent manner; budget expenditure; average change; current expenditure; necessary support; budget line; recurrent budgets; Open Data; monthly reports; funds flow; position control; development partner; budget performance; oracle financials; payment voucher; financial law; bank reconciliation; database system; Revenue Management; automated system; competent authority; payroll schedule; joint committee; management letter; corruption prevention; program performance; complaint mechanisms; Procurement Policy; corruption risks; monitoring mechanism; procurement data; Public Services; special committee; several years; institutional framework; educational system; operational independence; public money; combating corruption; holistic approach; governance framework; competent court; anticorruption agency; financial sustainability; public outreach; beneficial ownership; procurement entity; evaluation committee; overall governance; audit finding; corrective measure; audit arrangement; corruption case; financial accounting; school closure; approval procedure; university student; local investor; Anticorruption Legislation; professional behavior; public confidence; investment procedure; budget planning; procurement notice; procurement arrangement; core principle; data quality; budgetary provision; educational institution; Asset Disclosure; oversight mechanism; personal behavior; public fund; Distance Learning; policy principle



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Abu-Ghaida,Dina N.

Final Addendum to Fiduciary Systems Assessment - Additional Financing - Jordan Education Reform Support Program-for-Results - P173091 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.