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China - Zhangjiakou Hohhot (ZhangHu) Railway Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 5) : Environmental impact assessment report : Zhangjiakou Hohhot railway line (Chinese)

The development objective of the Zhangjiakou Hohhot (ZhangHu) Railway Project for China is to respond to existing and anticipated transport demand along the Hohhot-Zhangjiakou corridor by providing increased capacity for freight and passengers, and faster travel time and increased frequency of services for passengers. Negative measures include: land acquisition, relocation of houses, and livelihood impacts; impacts on community infrastructure; noise and vibration impacts; safety and connectivity especially in rural areas; and nuisances from construction. Mitigation measures include: a) proper design including alignment and site selection, adoption of buffer zone, civil structures that cause low noise and vibration, isolation wall, locating noise sensitive objects out of protection distance, proper noise management in construction field and explosive operation, etc; b) site selection principle for pollution sources such as boiler, control of fumes, dust and waste gas; c) general specifications for water usage and recycling, wastewater treatment and discharge, principles for treatment of oil containing, freight train washing, and domestic wastewater, etc; and d) principles of site selection for landfill, disposal of industrial and domestic waste.


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    Environmental Assessment

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    Environmental impact assessment report : Zhangjiakou Hohhot railway line

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China - Zhangjiakou Hohhot (ZhangHu) Railway Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 5) : Environmental impact assessment report : Zhangjiakou Hohhot railway line (Chinese). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.