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Nigeria - States Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability Program for Results : Technical assessment (English)


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    Program-for-Results Technical Assessment

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    Technical assessment

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    Operational Policy and Bank Procedure; treasury single account; formal process of review; economic classification of expenditure; share of total spending; monitoring and evaluation capacity; international good practice; capacity building support; Public Financial Management; letter of intent; senior civil servants; civil society group; future interest payments; political economy dynamic; increase in debt; increase in capital; oil revenue volatility; ministries of finance; medium-term expenditure framework; theory of change; Public Debt Management; significant adverse impact; additional fiscal resource; access to information; subject matter expert; high oil price; share of capital; public investment management; disbursement of fund; program of support; positive role model; public debt legislation; poor credit rating; commercial bank loan; supervision of bank; excessive debt accumulation; public procurement reform; accrual accounting system; revenue ratio increase; general budget allocation; Political Economy Analysis; prudent fiscal management; fiscal transparency; results framework; state debt; Fiscal Reform; financial statement; state revenue; fiscal performance; fiscal deficit; fiscal target; domestic arrears; fiscal impact; fiscal situation; open contract; base case; debt service; national gdp; capital spending; fiscal crisis; Open Government; municipal bond; peer learning; state performance; expenditure program; budget credibility; public expenditure; statutory obligation; political will; increased revenue; debt profile; program expenditure; Public Spending; intermediate outcome; fiscal behavior; Procurement Transparency; fiscal adjustment; capital expenditure; reform scenario; personnel spending; fiscal pressure; state action; fiscal balance; Tax Code; financial incentive; cash management; fiscal risk; expenditure growth; political leadership; biometric system; broad consensus; accountant general; audit system; fiscal scenario; expenditure efficiency; ghost worker; core functions; subnational fiscal; Tax Reform; fiscal policy; Fiscal policies; technology solution; public domain; public budget; fiscal commitment; public provision; personnel expenditure; citizen engagement; State Treasury; political agenda; implementing partner; common standards; vested interests; financial intervention; policy requirement; Program of Activities; fiscal autonomy; behavioral change; fiscally sustainable; Asset Disclosure; reporting obligation; global knowledge; bank finance; reform process; high capital; net borrowing; economic slowdown; borrowing requirement; accountability mechanism; international expert; fiscal affair; annual revenue; efficiency gain; value added; citizen participation; public financing; delivery efficiency; Capital Investments; debt sustainability; ida contribution; engagement support; debt rule; financing requirement; salary arrears; positive bias; local actors; annual expenditure; thematic area; engaging citizens; disclosing information; stakeholder ownership; print media; existing capacity; fiscal stability; fiscal space; benchmark rate; state budget; fiscal plan; federal level; municipal loan; total debt; debt stock; formal mechanisms; financial datum; budget expenditure; effective action; fiscal responsibility; Fixed Assets; cash basis; performance framework; financing cost; public consultation; business environment; backed loan; centralized state; liquidity risk; moral hazard; result year; federal country; Fiscal Governance; budget formulation; complementary reform; constrained expenditure; real sense; high share; state expenditure; Public Services; formal debt; oil sector; disbursement arrangement; focus group; extensive consultation; fiscal condition; benchmarking data; capital state; political dynamic; accounting policy; arrears accumulation; bank operation; economic recovery



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Nigeria - States Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability Program for Results : Technical assessment (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.