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Guinea - Additional Financing for the Electricity Sector Efficiency Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 4) : Cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale and audit environnemental (French)

The objective of the Additional Financing for the Electricity Sector Efficiency Improvement Project for Guinea seeks to improve the electricity sector's commercial and operational efficiency. These results will be achieved through critical investment support and capacity building, which will impact the financial viability of the sector and quality of service delivery. Negative measures include: water management, air emissions, fire protection, waste management, noise level, hazardous products, and flora and fauna. Mitigation measures include: a) air quality monitoring should be carried out on the gas vents, in order to assess the impact of the groups on the air quality; b) repair of leaking equipments and installation of oil separators; c) appropriate personal protective equipments (ear plugs) should be provided for the personnel exposed to elevated noise levels; d) the power plants must be equipped with fire extinguishers in sufficient quantities, these extinguishers must be checked on an annual basis and a report must be issued. Site personal must be trained to the use of fire extinguishers and follow yearly readjustments; and e) the provision of appropriate pumps for the wastewaters' collection system as well as the fuel transport network.


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    Cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale and audit environnemental

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Guinea - Additional Financing for the Electricity Sector Efficiency Improvement Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 4) : Cadre de gestion environnementale et sociale and audit environnemental (French). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.