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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Forest Investment Project, phase 2 - P175982 (English)


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    Follea,Salimata D.

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    Project Information Document

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    Cote d'Ivoire,

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    Africa West,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Forest Investment Project, phase 2 - P175982

  • Keywords

    cocoa production; sustainable forest management; Management of Natural Resources; environmental and social assessments; Below the Poverty Line; community health and safety; payment need; contribution to climate change; population living in poverty; global greenhouse gas emission; cost of climate change; mitigation of climate change; social safeguard; causes of global warming; capacity-building effort; Environment and Natural Resources; forms of child labor; cross-cutting themes; Natural Resource Management; source income; source of income; climate change mitigation; rural poverty rate; deforestation; access to land; access to forest; small-scale gold mining; flow of water; cash crop production; natural population growth; human development index; access to information; national forest estate; use of forest; artisanal gold mining; Investment Project Financing; species of primate; income generation opportunities; climate change commitment; use of pesticide; forest management plan; raise awareness; pest management approach; value of forests; intangible cultural heritage; cultural heritage site; private sector partner; effective forest management; conversion of forest; community liaison; protected area; forest degradation; value chain; dry season; agriculture sector; surface area; forest zone; sustainable management; Agroforestry; Carbon sequestration; cocoa industry; target zone; stakeholder engagement; payment schedule; agricultural product; healthy forests; opportunity cost; involuntary resettlement; forest stock; agricultural sector; forest reserve; landscape approach; ecosystem service; rural population; mitigation measure; rural area; climate action; industrial sector; wood industry; governance system; natural capital; increased access; sustainable practices; ghg emissions; degraded lands; carbon accounting; government strategy; forest strategies; reforestation efforts; soybean production; agricultural expansion; private investor; target beneficiary; supply chain; natural regeneration; conservation area; income source; sustainable investment; forest strategy; private investment; tourism activities; ministerial order; human capacity; land degradation; nature tourism; adventure tourism; wildlife tourism; charismatic species; project intervention; financing instrument; tourism activity; tourism industry; Carbon Sink; Blue Economy; productive potential; economic sector; tourism sector; living condition; forest outcomes; climate finance; small-scale farmer; urban household; wood energy; fuelwood consumption; charcoal production; building material; resilient landscape; energy source; coffee price; forestry sector; improve forest; effective partnerships; Water Shortage; prompt payment; working condition; conservation activity; soil erosion; pollution prevention; water availability; land acquisition; local temperature; land use; forest health; study estimate; real gdp; environmental condition; Public-Private Partnership; forest exploitation; natural reserve; forced labor; deforestation rate; labor management; large reservoir; expansion strategy; uncontrolled harvest; grievance mechanism; ensuring compliance; awareness raising; national legislation; demographic dynamic; affected population; territorial collectivities; sacred grove; communication strategy; Safeguards Unit; small farmer; private forest; local population; social repercussions; environmental risk; chemical pesticide; geographic region; local actors; human settlement; global forest; extreme poverty; national poverty; conservation needs; country ranking; daily revenue; sacred forests; social inclusion; community engagement; restricted access; macroeconomic indicator



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Follea,Salimata D.

Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Forest Investment Project, phase 2 - P175982 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.