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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Rural Electrification Project - P170132 (English)


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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Rural Electrification Project - P170132

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    Environmental and Social Performance; environmental and social assessments; project design and implementation; participation in decision making; grievance redress mechanism; stakeholder engagement; construction and operation; consultations with stakeholders; local interest group; conclusion of contract; environmental protection authority; mobile phone communication; public opinion survey; means of communication; civil society group; negative environmental impact; amount of land; public information disclosure; person with disability; affected communities; vulnerable group; public meeting; consultation meeting; local ngo; social group; public hearing; mass media; focus group; community representative; remote area; business entity; stakeholder identification; public consultation; public place; affected households; vulnerable individual; consultation activity; village council; public events; public comment; elected officials; Natural Resources; telephone line; mitigation measure; national stakeholder; local population; business community; non-governmental organization; telephone numbers; grid connection; print media; national grid; broadcasting media; rural settlement; local initiative; broad stakeholder; health condition; random sample; significant factor; international agreement; supply chain; traditional community; environmental issue; legal regulation; local cooperatives; limited information; local knowledge; ethnic group; political influence; off-grid electrification; international level; scientific approach; equal access; social sustainability; seismic activity; consultation process; participation process; equal representation; representative body; individual entrepreneur; business opportunity; environmental authority; informed participation; local resident; domestic law; ecological expertise; raise awareness; customary norms; environmental review; information materials; social origin; Mental disabilities; short distance; video recording; voice recorder; audio recording; kv substation; general practice; separate meeting; electricity service; public feedback; telephone call; hydropower plant; low-voltage distribution; response rate; financial insecurity; utility bill; technical feasibility; public entity; professional body; Power Generation; visual presentations; management process; public offer; cultural centre; social aspect; local public; printed information; governmental body; radio programme; sea level; media stories; electricity access; international audience; information provision; house connection; public domain; free access; disabled person; due respect; vulnerable person; long commute; land use; horizontal distance; unemployed person; underage child; specific issue; state support; low-income family; Elderly People; community meetings; household consumers; connection cost; Public Facilities; oral communication; international stakeholders; regulatory body; distribution line; accessible location; fundamental principles; consultation method; international standard; Regulatory Bodies; community gatherings; physical ability



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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Rural Electrification Project - P170132 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.