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Resettlement Process Framework ENHANCING NIGER NORTHEASTERN CONNECTIVITY (P171793) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Resettlement Process Framework ENHANCING NIGER NORTHEASTERN CONNECTIVITY (P171793)

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    Environmental and Social Safeguard; general principles of law; construction of road infrastructure; acquisition of land; Gender-Based Violence; evaluation of resettlement; cases of loss; social and environmental; public consultation; funds for implementation; use of land; rights of way; cost of resettlement; access to land; violence against woman; quality of work; complaint management system; Integrated Risk Management; risk management structure; conflict management system; right of women; means of communication; road rehabilitation works; displacement and resettlement; resettlement action plan; loss of crop; payment of compensation; local population; involuntary resettlement; settlement operation; socio-economic development; land use; resettlement plan; management mechanism; resettlement assistance; road safety; national legislation; resettlement process; organizational responsibilities; public domain; organizational arrangement; property right; development operation; public authority; public body; impact area; environmental safeguard; national environmental; settlement procedure; institutional framework; resettled persons; land legislation; private good; partnership framework; national policy; Displaced Population; road transport; hydroelectric installation; regional capital; infrastructure sector; daily life; safe environment; negative effect; equitable compensation; public dissemination; digital technology; dairy product; cultural situation; Conflict Prevention; local mechanisms; satellite technology; mobile telephony; affected persons; fetching water; land management; customary land; local ngo; accessible location; budget forecast; financial requirement; displaced person; vulnerable group; intervention strategy; monitoring plan; Gender Inequality; gender inequalities; living condition; traditional rights; social sustainability; land right; resettlement policy; eligibility criterion; water point; resettlement issue



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Resettlement Process Framework ENHANCING NIGER NORTHEASTERN CONNECTIVITY (P171793) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.