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Niger - Multi-Sector Demographic Project : procurement plan : Plan de passation de marches : procurement plan (French)


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    Procurement Plan

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    Plan de passation de marches : procurement plan

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    adult literacy, aged, approach to population, Behavior Change, birth spacing, both sexes, breastfeeding, Capacity Building, CDD, child health, child health services, child mortality, child mortality rates, Child Protection, childbearing, children per woman, communication channels, community life, community participation, contraceptive prevalence, current population, demographic growth, demographic transition, Development Policy, Discrimination, dissemination, divorce, economic development policies, economic empowerment, economic opportunities, Family Planning, family planning methods, family planning services, female education, Fertility, fertility decline, Fertility levels, Fertility Rate, fertility rates, fistulae, food security, free contraceptives, gender equality, gender gap, girls, Gross Domestic Product, Gross National Income, Health, Health Care, health facilities, health outcomes, Health Sector, human capacity, Human capital, Human Development, immunization, Income-Generating Activities, Infant, Infant Mortality, Infant Mortality Rate, Infection, Information System, Infrastructure Development, International Cooperation, international policy, international population, interpersonal communication, laws, legal age at marriage, live births, Local Infrastructure, Malnutrition, marriage age, mass media, maternal and child health, maternal mortality, migration, Millennium Development Goals, minimum age at marriage, Ministry of Population, modern contraceptive use, mortality levels, national capacity, national development, National Health, National Population, National Population Policy, National Strategy, natural resources, Nutrition, opinion leaders, outreach work, policy dialogue, population activities, population and development, population communication, population growth rate, population issue, population issues, Population Policy, population pressure, population programs, Population projections, population projects, population sector, Population Strategy, population-related activities, populous country, poverty alleviation, Poverty Reduction, Poverty Reduction Strategy, primary education, Primary school, productivity, promoting gender equality, Public Health, radio, rapid population growth, religious leaders, reproductive age, reproductive behavior, Reproductive Health, reproductive health outcomes, Reproductive Health Project, reproductive health services, resource allocation, rural areas, Rural Development, rural population, Screening, secondary school, sensitive issues, service delivery, service providers, sex, Social Action, Social attitudes, social change, social factors, Social services, social status, socioeconomic development, sustainable development, Technical Assistance, television, Total Fertility Rate, traditional societies, UNFPA, United Nations Population Fund, World Health Organization, young age, young age at marriage, young people, youth



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Niger - Multi-Sector Demographic Project : procurement plan : Plan de passation de marches : procurement plan (French). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.