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Citizen Engagement in Operations : A Stock-Take of Citizen Engagement in Development Policy Financing (English)

Guided by the 2014 Strategic Framework for Mainstreaming Citizen Engagement in World Bank Group Operations, the World Bank supports policies, programs, projects, and advisory services and analytics where citizen engagement (CE) can improve development results. While the corporate commitment to mainstream CE targets investment operations, the World Bank teams continue to explore CE in other instruments. Engaging Citizens for Better Development Results, a report by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG), assessed the Bank Group’s efforts to mainstream CE. It recommends the World Bank “encourage and support efforts of its regional, country, and Global Practices teams to establish, where appropriate, thick CE that is regular and continuous, uses multiple tools, and is embedded in country systems.” It also suggests this objective could be achieved by more systematically using existing channels of dialogue and stakeholder engagement, including that of Development Policy Financing (DPF), and applying tools at the various levels. Given this context, this Governance Note aims to take stock of existing CE practice in DPF by shedding light on the prior action usage.


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    Citizen Engagement in Operations : A Stock-Take of Citizen Engagement in Development Policy Financing

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    Access to Law and Justice; regional breakdown; access to information; Governance and Accountability; Development Policy Operation; state-owned enterprise; access to finance; society must; law and regulation; types of legislation; freedom of association; Social Safety Nets; right to information; disaster risk management; Civil Service Reform; awareness raising activity; Value for Money; Public Sector Governance; Linked to Disbursement; solid waste sector; citizen engagement; citizen feedback; engaging citizens; extreme poverty; enabling environment; transparency agenda; state action; online platform; transmission channel; inclusive society; Advisory services; budget formulation; core principle; Conflict Prevention; participatory approach; strategic framework; state capacity; asset declaration; shared property; investment climate; transmission mechanism; managing risk; regulatory environment; energy market; Labor Market; sustainable poverty; take stock; legal instrument; redress mechanism; civil society; international policy; fiscal capacities; asset information; national budget; constitutional provision; citizen participation; international initiative; extractive activity; high entry; effective application; consultative process; budget literacy; intergovernmental coordination; government entity; independent budget; beneficiary association; information campaign; integrity pact; beneficiary group; internal system; procurement monitoring; community collaboration; community drive; community planning; social audit; grievance handling; multiple dimension; industry information; information laws; government commitment; social contract; corporate citizen; Country Systems; Research Support; support policy; stakeholder consultation; donor coordination



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Citizen Engagement in Operations : A Stock-Take of Citizen Engagement in Development Policy Financing (English). Governance Notes Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.