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Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project: Additional Financing - P177491 (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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  • Country

    Iran, Islamic Republic of

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    Middle East and North Africa,

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    Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project: Additional Financing - P177491

  • Keywords

    stakeholder engagement; Environmental and Social Monitor; Environmental and Social Performance; grievance redress mechanism; health facility; person with disability; delivery of good; lines of communication; channels of communication; means of communication; delivery and installation; national health system; corrective action plans; procurement and distribution; local government authority; comments and feedback; accessing health services; existing capacity; time and resource; High Blood Pressure; focus group meeting; public health facility; law and regulation; resources and budget; health system response; relationship with communities; social media; vulnerable group; medical equipment; Social Assessment; consultation process; fact sheet; cultural sensitivities; hard copy; data gathering; stakeholder identification; ethnic group; affected communities; mutual trust; project impact; online channels; illiterate people; health deputy; official correspondence; telephone call; vulnerable individual; public hospital; participation process; displaced person; health issue; grievance mechanism; press release; equal access; severe disability; precautionary approach; pregnant woman; consultation meeting; community group; building relationship; international level; mitigation plans; emergency response; mass media; public engagement; stakeholder interest; heart disease; lung disease; international partners; Health ministries; equipment supplier; ordinary citizens; administrative personnel; several points; academic community; special interest; competitive basis; mitigation program; financial insecurity; foreign affair; print media; international health; awareness raising; Infectious Disease; medical treatment; ct scan; health condition; provincial authority; negative reaction; financial status; human rights; equal representation; medical condition; pandemic start; active engagement; stakeholder involvement; hospital managers; inventory system; online platform; gender difference; grievance management; need assessment; broader community; management function; video clip; consultation service; feedback mechanism; clinical training; dedicated phone; cultural issues; female participant; baseline information; personal relationship; sensitive issues; consultation method; disclosure mechanism; affected population; monitoring responsibility; monitoring activity; customs organization; corrective measure; working day; personal information; field visits; civil society; community level; stakeholder meetings; stakeholder need; Health Workers; social exclusion; external interference; reasonable effort; judiciary system; available resources; new equipment; project datum; scientific community; transparent communication; best practice; community representative; public consultation; informed participation; resolution mechanism; neurological conditions; Sexual Assault; laboratory capacity; humanitarian crisis



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Borrowing Agency

Additional Financing Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Iran COVID-19 Emergency Response Project: Additional Financing - P177491 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.