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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Sint Maarten Emergency Debris Management Project - P167347 (English)


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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Sint Maarten Emergency Debris Management Project - P167347

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    degradation of critical natural habitats; Environmental and Social Safeguard; municipal disposal; Occupational health and safety; health and safety issue; solid waste management activities; Environmental and Social Impact; community health and safety; policy on performance; decline in tax revenue; health and safety risk; Social and Environmental Management; gross domestic product; gender based violence; fire suppression; access to finance; loss of livelihood; municipal waste disposal; Integrated Pest Management; construction of dam; body of water; safety of worker; pest management plan; private sector activity; Environmental Management Plan; management infrastructure; evaluation of processes; foreign exchange income; grievance redress mechanism; poor air quality; safety of person; vector borne disease; youth unemployment rate; construction and rehabilitation; provision of equipment; air quality impact; government and business; solid waste collection; air quality degradation; management of infrastructure; public awareness campaign; temporary storage area; negative environmental impact; private sector contract; disposal site; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; environmental safeguard; breeding ground; safeguard action; reconstruction activities; civil works; recreational boat; undocumented migrant; citizen engagement; private company; commercial vessel; vector control; private property; mitigation measure; closure plan; tourism sector; safeguard specialist; subsurface fire; worker influx; consultation process; safeguards requirement; disposal practice; aesthetic impact; environmental risk; environmental benefit; public space; economic recovery; operational practices; social requirement; property owner; spatial planning; cultural property; hazardous substance; cultural significance; waste pickers; natural hazard; industry sector; small Works; water pollution; ecological benefits; social standard; mosquito vector; safeguard issue; fish breeding; environmental pollutant; pollutant emission; existing dam; complaints system; government pension; contract management; landfill workers; legal support; educational material; air emission; communication plan; operational contract; environmental outcome; rehabilitation activities; communication strategy; emergency service; safety zone; pollution risk; standard procedure; electronic component; surrounding community; air pollutant; public area; food chain; operational procedure; safeguards compliance; recreational facility; toxic substance; artificial reef; fishing ground; visual intrusion; safeguard analysis; demolition waste; monitoring indicator; results framework; metal container; full-time employment; social aspect; labor influx; physical characteristic; Environmental Assessment; service contract; international waterway; cruise ship; informal settlement; positive impact; cultural value; health monitoring; fire fight; environmental condition; irreversible impacts; Health Service; indirect impact; compensation measures; recovery program; environmental threat; long-term impact; site management; ensuring compliance; mitigation plans; community safety; weather shock; External Finance; real gdp; private resources; natural environment; media coverage; tourism industry; health threat; wind velocity; tourism trends; regional travel; notification requirement; cruise passengers; cruise tourism; communication sector; retail trade; public place; navigational hazard; tourist arrival; medium-sized enterprise; tour operator; significant loss; tourism business; resettlement plan; job loss; Real estate; affected population; Public Infrastructure; public finance; emergency situation; insurance claim; direct investment; property damage; institutional responsibilities; Health Workers; coastal area; project costing; principal risk; excessive rainfall; financial resource; storm surge; intense storms; Natural Resources; debris disposal; mosquito breeding; climatic events; natural disaster; catastrophic impact



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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Sint Maarten Emergency Debris Management Project - P167347 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.