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China - Liaoning Urban Transport Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 5) (English)

The Liaoning Urban Transport Project (LUTP) will consist of public transportation, transportation management, infrastructure development, road maintenance, and institutional strengthening in Shenyang, Anshan, and Fushun. The report looks at the following environmental impacts and mitigation: air quality, noise & vibration, surface water pollution, sunshine obstruction, soil & vegetation, social-economic impacts, and resettlement. Major mitigation measures to be undertaken include: construction of sound barriers, and sound absorption pavement; installation of double glazed windows and air conditioners; promotion of public transportation, clean fuels, vehicle inspection, and maintenance programs; installation of street crossing signals, zebra lines, and designated non-motor vehicle lanes; re-plantation and landscaping programs; interception of surface runoff; and establishment of environmental emergency teams to minimize impacts of motor vehicle accidents involving hazardous materials. Remaining noticeable impacts include an increase in noise; loss of agricultural land; temporary traffic obstruction and detouring; and accidental hazardous material release.


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    China - Liaoning Urban Transport Project : environmental assessment

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