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Argentina - Second APL for National Highway Asset Management Project : indigenous peoples planning framework : Marco de Planificación para Pueblos Indígenas (Spanish)

The Asset Management Program of the National Highway Directorate aims to gradually build a strategy for effective management of the road network, generating the resources necessary to preserve the national network in the long run. Its specific objectives are: (i) preserve the condition of vital road assets, through the gradual expansion of levels of service contracts for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the paved, and (ii) strengthen road sector management through the execution of a renewal program aimed at revitalizing the role of the National Highways in the sector. In general, the activities to be funded by the program (rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, rehabilitation and / or reconstruction of bridges, and interventions to improve road safety) have potentially positive impacts. However, rehabilitation and maintenance work can also have negative impacts on communities both near and in the natural and physical environment. Among the potential negative impacts can be included: Air pollution caused by construction activities; Soil and water contamination caused by improper disposal of waste; Elevated levels of noise and / or vibrations caused by the use of machinery and equipment during the execution of the works and the exploitation of material loans; Visual pollution; Loss of land; Altered drainage; Increased insecurity.


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    Indigenous Peoples Plan

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    Latin America & Caribbean,

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    Marco de Planificación para Pueblos Indígenas

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Argentina - Second APL for National Highway Asset Management Project : indigenous peoples planning framework : Marco de Planificación para Pueblos Indígenas (Spanish). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.