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Yemen - Mocha Wind Park Project (Arabic)

The development objective of the Mocha Wind Park Project for Yemen is to increase the supply of cost-effective renewable wind electricity. The project has two components. The first component physical investment will support the construction of a wind farm at Mocha of approximately 60 megawatt (MW) generation capacity. This component will initially be implemented by a project management unit (PMU) established under the Ministry of Electricity and Energy (MOEE). The second component consulting services and market development consists of the following sub-components: (i) an international engineering consulting firm employed to assist the PMU in the procurement and contracting of the supply and installation contractor and in the construction supervision of the project throughout the construction phase and the initial operation stage; (ii) an international consulting firm employed to assist MOEE to design tendering procedures and documents for competitive procurement of private-public partnership (PPP) wind projects and to assist MOEE with the tendering process; (iii) advisory service for special purpose company (SPC) which will operate commercially with clear contractual arrangement with the electricity off-taker; (iv) advisory service and instruments for the implementation of regional long-term wind measurement program in three to five wind development zones; (v) consulting service for preliminary environmental and social impact assessments, grid connection planning for promising wind sites; and (vi) other consulting services as needed and capacity building activities, including external audit fees.


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    Yemen - Mocha Wind Park Project

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