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Project Information Document - Zimbabwe COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P176141 (English)


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    Pena,Christine Lao

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    Project Information Document

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    Africa East,

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    Project Information Document - Zimbabwe COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P176141

  • Keywords

    emergency response; Gross National Income Per Capita; energy sector management assistance; Reproductive, Maternal, and Child Health; Vaccines; primary health care facilities; results-based financing; Infection Prevention and Control; real gross domestic product; community health and safety; Occupational health and safety; human resource in health; community engagement; Health System Strengthening; code of conduct; health facility; health information; Reducing Fiscal Deficit; human capital investment; annual inflation rate; public health system; people with disability; use of information; health care facility; medical waste management; expansionary monetary policy; finance activity; source of funding; Social Risk Rating; efficacy of vaccine; safe injection practices; efficacy vaccine; unsafe injection practices; risk management system; availability of vaccine; vulnerable social group; impact of inflation; personal protective equipment; grievance redress mechanism; Gender-Based Violence; receipt of goods; cold chain equipment; capacity of community; Governance and Accountability; emergency operation; Investment Project Financing; state-owned enterprise; public health measures; Health Workers; risk communication; adverse events; live birth; community level; maternal death; electronic health; tracking system; high share; vaccination certificate; climatic shocks; vaccination coverage; public expenditure; vaccine distribution; stabilization plan; nutrition service; psychosocial support; sensitization meetings; general population; minimizing risk; urban dweller; healthcare worker; rural dweller; disease transmission; school head; Antenatal Care; social media; Postnatal Care; first wave; home deliveries; several countries; new vaccine; personal information; awareness campaign; positive outcome; international waterway; interpersonal communication; electronic datum; funding source; mobile application; qr code; national system; government salary; health status; data management; budget gap; vaccine efficacy; monitoring plan; rational use; mathematical model; vaccine delivery; response activity; immunization service; safety issue; severe cases; operational inefficiency; the administration; vaccination program; vehicle maintenance; evaluation activity; test kit; institutional approach; emergency use; Transport Systems; feedback mechanism; traditional leaders; Indigenous Peoples; project effectiveness; monetary stabilization; average inflation; stakeholder engagement; Exchange Rates; prices increase; global demand; increase poverty; institutional context; health outcome; expenditure efficiency; pollution prevention; Resource Efficiency; financing instrument; policy requirement; capacity constraint; religious entity; youth group; community representative; Population Density; coordination committee; environmental risk; rural area; climate shock; project goals; cold storage; environmental sustainability; Fiscal Reform; real value; pandemic situation; social tension; small Works; foreign currency; government plan; internal audits; Data Protection; poor health; Social Conflict; important share; fiscal space; working condition; social distance; sector budget; neonatal mortality; cluster survey; vehicle loans; sexual harassment; macroeconomic situation; solar equipment



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Pena,Christine Lao

Project Information Document - Zimbabwe COVID-19 Emergency Response Project - P176141 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.