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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility Project - P174366 (English)


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    Juma,Mariam Ally

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility Project - P174366

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    improving management; Environmental and Social Performance; health and safety risk; case management; stakeholder engagement; grievance management; channels of communication; windows and door; atomic energy commission; focus group meeting; laboratory diagnosis capacity; department of environment; means of communication; closure of institution; public health worker; facility management; grievance redress mechanism; person with disability; form of engagement; risk of contamination; procurement of equipment; medical facility; vulnerable group; project approval; vulnerable individual; online channels; health facility; telephone call; meeting room; social media; stakeholder identification; electronic publication; community representative; Virtual Meeting; precautionary approach; online platform; dedicated phone; direct communication; affected communities; hospital management; public engagement; regular meetings; construction site; cultural sensitivities; Health Workers; social distance; consultation process; waste collection; reasonable effort; public authority; paper towels; healthcare worker; financial insecurity; Infectious Disease; health condition; particular sensitivity; Natural Resources; consultation meeting; medical treatment; government restriction; community meetings; awareness raising; project impact; public hearing; gender consideration; social aspect; international health; grievance mechanism; broader community; corrective action; judicial proceeding; response time; civil society; grievance procedure; information notices; monthly reports; registration form; personal information; corrective measure; appeal process; legal recourse; monitoring activity; local stakeholder; health authorities; sensitization meetings; hospital staff; in hospital; public notice; community consultation; physical distance; conference room; good ventilation; hand sanitizer; paper tissue; writing material; vulnerable person; fingerprint scanner; water coolers; stakeholder need; International Phone Call; target beneficiary; media channels; Exit Strategy; personnel information; file complaints; local council; mitigation measure; health organization; communication media; laboratory staff; medical supply; liquid oxygen; generating plant; oxygen supply; referral hospitals; equal access; participation process; essential medicines; proper provision; operational capacity; informed participation; government structure; procurement arrangement; Waste Management; random sample; public consultation; community gatherings; best practice; equal representation; traditional form; sporadic cases; community awareness; air travel; traditional medicine; faith healing; case findings; outbreak control; ethnic group; transmission rate; cross-border trade; learning institution; commercial activity; travel advisory; disease detection



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Juma,Mariam Ally

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - COVID-19 Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility Project - P174366 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.