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Tanzania - Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project : additional financing : environmental assessment (Vol. 9) : Environmental impact assessment report for the proposed biotoilet contruction at Saint Augustine Nyamonye girls secondary school, Siaya county (English)

The objective of the Additional Financing for the Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project for Tanzania is to improve collaborative management of the trans-boundary natural resources of Lake Victoria Basin for the shared benefits of the EAC partner states. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: scum on maturation ponds should be removed and broken up. Scum and algae mats should be dried and disposed of by burying them nearby. Scum on anaerobic ponds aids the treatment process and should be left to form a hard crust, but sprayed to prevent any flies from breeding; inlets and outlets weirs of the various facilities should be kept free from accumulating solids; any vegetation emerging through the hard edge protection or from the pond liquid should be removed; regular records should be kept of flow rates into and out of the pond system and the influent and effluent quality should be regularly monitored; a careful watch should be kept for evidence of embankment damage caused by burrowing rodents, snakes, ants etc. Fencing should keep out larger animals such as water buffalo or hippopotamus and other unwanted people; the contractor shall ensure that any wastewater generated during construction of the sewer system is properly collected through drains and stabilized in the ponds; and waste water in the existing lagoons shall be managed carefully during rehabilitation to prevent direct release of untreated water into the lake.


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    Environmental impact assessment report for the proposed biotoilet contruction at Saint Augustine Nyamonye girls secondary school, Siaya county

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Tanzania - Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project : additional financing : environmental assessment (Vol. 9) : Environmental impact assessment report for the proposed biotoilet contruction at Saint Augustine Nyamonye girls secondary school, Siaya county (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.