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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076 (English)


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    Project Information Document

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076

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    water supply and sanitation; rural area; Water Security; water supply and sanitation service; irrigation; water supply and sanitation sector; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; quality of water supply service; urban water supply and sanitation; performance of service provider; Development Strategy and Investment; rural livelihood; impact of climate change; state-owned enterprise; irrigation water; sustainability of water supply; water and sanitation system; management of water resource; large number of operator; source for drinking water; bulk water supply investment; delivery of water supply; female-headed household; irrigation system; irrigation service delivery; improved water supply; Water Resource Management; irrigation development; access to finance; irrigation and drainage; health care facility; business continuity plan; public water supply; health care facilities; delivery of service; agriculture and irrigation; water resource endowment; investment framework; public service delivery; energy efficiency investment; quality and quantity; sanitation and hygiene; level of readiness; access to water; procurement and disbursement; capacity of operators; water supply reliability; targeted incentive scheme; social and environmental; infrastructure and services; growth and development; national institutional framework; lack of sanitation; water user association; sanitation service delivery; drinking water services; improved water source; rural development plan; lack of investment; expansion of access; quality and efficiency; agricultural development policies; local capacity building; liquidation of state; national poverty rate; river basin plan; water supply connection; form of treatment; million people; wastewater treatment plant; climate change impact; surface water management; capacity building support; asset management system; hygiene behavior change; irrigation water supply; Private Sector Growth; total factor productivity; public works program; private irrigation system; benefits from efficiency; food supply chain; small-scale irrigation system; land use pattern; drinking water supply; performance and efficiency; central system; basin level; female farmer; enabling conditions; public place; Sanitation Services; irrigation sector; groundwater assessment; extreme poverty; climate-smart agriculture; Public Services; local public; Water Allocation; recent years; supplemental irrigation; increased access; small operator; operational performance; goods export; modernization program; Irrigation Modernization; irrigation practices; emergency response; irrigation strategy; investment responsibilities; wash facility; license requirement; royalty fee; membership base; domestic funding; sewer service; future investment; management capacity; social determinant; limited resources; complementary measure; community outreach; local operator; local stakeholder; royalty payment; several reform; high poverty; water sector; development partner; investment program; septic tank; smaller towns; infrastructure planning; market condition; financial sustainability; equally benefit; cultivation practice; local streams; government subsidy; export growth; rainfed farming; infrastructure rehabilitation; technical standard; education portfolio; extension service; rainfed agriculture; agricultural strategy; financing need; priority program; other sectors; government planning; Water Policy; risk communication; legal framework; institutional failure; water operator; vulnerable household; performance issues; governance failures; reform effort; delivering services; application process; social support; funding mechanism; lagging region; high share; improved sanitation; gender action; tariff setting; adequate treatment; toilet facility; household level; result indicator; core indicator; development of capacity; operational efficiency; On-Site Sanitation; national investment; water intake; outcome monitoring; utility level; environmental pressure



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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Moldova Water Security and Sanitation Project - P173076 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.