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Indonesia - Jambi Sustainable Landscape Management Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and Social Management Framework (English)

The development objective of the Jambi Sustainable Landscape Management Project for Indonesia is to improve sustainable landscape management that reduces land-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in selected sites in Jambi. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) persuasive approach and mediation will need to be use whenever possible to avoid further conflict, especially before excessive law enforcement measures applied; (2) to protect communities from health and safety hazard, proper training and equipment will be needed to fight forest fire; (3) formal agreement with local communities including responsibilities for preventing deforestation and land degradation; (4) development of biodiversity management framework for the project can be initiated as part of the wider biodiversity studies; (5) post-licensing phase of the social forestry scenario to ensure production and revenue from social forestry licenses; (6) wastewater over permissible values set by Government of Indonesia standards and regulations must be collected in a conservancy tank and removed from site by licensed waste collectors; (7) the contractor shall follow the detailed drainage design included in the construction plans, to ensure drainage system is always maintained cleared of mud and other obstructions; (8) solid waste may be temporarily stored on site in a designated area approved by the construction supervision consultant and relevant local authorities prior to collection and disposal; (9) unused or rejected tar or bituminous products shall be returned to the supplier’s production plant; and (10) installation of lighting at night must be done if this is necessary to ensure safe traffic circulation.


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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Impact; deforestation; Risks and Mitigation Measures; sustainable land management; physical cultural resources; Environmental Codes of Practice; sustainable forest management; non timber forest products; project monitoring and evaluation; fire prevention and control; Social and Environmental Management; Reducing Emissions from Deforestation; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Use of Country Systems; Indigenous People Plan; emissions from land use; Information Disclosure and Feedback; capacity strengthening; stakeholder consultation; sustainable land use; grievance redress mechanism; sustainable landscape; social forestry; sustainable agriculture; social aspect; Natural Resource Management; greenhouse gas emission; policy and institution; capacity building program; national government agency; lack of awareness; emission reduction program; Safeguard Policies; forest degradation; safeguard policy; oil palm; forest fire; institutional framework; use of pesticide; severity of impact; management of risk; probability of occurrence; mobilization of resource; poor waste management; civil society organisation; land use change; collaboration with ngos; contamination of soil; joint mission; control of land; lack of equipment; early warning system; human resource management; strategies for communication; private sector partnership; community development program; conflict resolution strategy; oil palm plantations; land tenure rights; carbon dioxide equivalent; emission from forests; community economic development; artisanal mining activity; private sector engagement; reduction of emission; allocation of resource; capacity building plan; climate change mitigation; Broad Community Support; sustainable Palm Oil; Type of Investment; use of forest; access to information; international good practice; effective forest management; stakeholder engagement; safeguard mechanism; degraded lands; natural habitat; consultation process; timber plantation; access restrictions; forestry sector; safeguards system; public consultation; illegal mining; value chain; ghg emissions; flagship species; Social Conflict; gap analysis; development partner; safeguard measure; organic pesticide; primary data; community representative; legal framework; secondary data; alternative livelihood; environmental risk; illegal logging; data processing; participatory mapping; sustainable production; social issue; international commitment; regular safeguards; environmental permit; village levels; capacity constraint; government capacity; land conversion; conservation awareness; resource tenure; agricultural land; stakeholder assessments



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