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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Great Lakes Trade Facilitation and Integration Project - P174814 (English)


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    Project Information Document

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    Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Great Lakes Trade Facilitation and Integration Project - P174814

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    cross-border trade; Environmental and Social Risk Classification; value chain; free movement of people; cross border trade; small scale trader; volume of trade; regional value chain; agricultural product; border area; small-scale trade; border post; million people; species of fish; value of trade; trade in goods; agricultural production loss; production and export; impact on poverty; production due; Agricultural Value Chain; food security issue; land and water; harmonization of standard; vulnerability to shock; human capital development; delivery of service; number of beneficiaries; choice of product; competitive business environment; scale and scope; project intervention; border regions; agricultural input; trade volume; physical infrastructure; local market; ample evidence; revenue authority; project costing; border management; International Trade; vulnerable communities; Trade Policies; Trade Policy; arable land; regulatory control; export volume; Natural Resources; monetary cost; engineering design; eligibility criterion; participating country; export market; beneficial impact; basic infrastructure; productive area; institutional context; domestic requirement; remedial measure; staple food; market supply; marketing expertise; traded goods; crowding out; other development; trade growth; local farmer; land border; customs procedure; cooking oil; soft drink; building material; manufactured goods; administrative burden; objective criterion; processing capacity; surrounding community; market infrastructure; across border; institutional practice; trade regime; transport service; agriculture trade; provincial authority; agriculture product; available resources; regional policy; Intra-regional Trade; road link; steep decline; primary source; trade measure; fishing village; market finance; trade requirement; agricultural good; commercial shipping; visa procedures; fishing activity; land site; steep escarpment; forward linkages; local producer; distribution market; empirical evidence; adequate infrastructure; transparent environment; human life; regional economy; opportunity cost; bilateral cooperation; economic vulnerability; vehicle traffic; surveillance system; regional cooperation; Social Welfare; regional stability; social interaction; result indicator; basic amenity; agricultural producer; increased returns; Job Creation; national strategy; mining production; project datum; regional market; value addition; innovation financing; geographic position; positive impact; inadequate infrastructure; project financing; social tie; economic interdependence; regional connectivity; increased trade; living condition; certified product; border police; security forces; global pandemic; health department; global demand; fiscal gap; project impact; preparatory work; vulnerable population; infrastructure intervention; high poverty; port management; port authority; central regions; external market; food insecurity; border crossing; market trade; base management; rural community; raising income; daily activity; lower price; customs agency; Public Services; upstream production; institutional change; dried fish; border infrastructure; palm oil; goods trade; administrative capacity; border towns



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Concept Project Information Document (PID) - Great Lakes Trade Facilitation and Integration Project - P174814 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.