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Industrial wastewater management in river basins Nhue-day and Dongnai project (Vol. 3) : Summary of LBCD consultants (English)

This report provides a complete and comprehensive analysis of industrial wastewater management in industrial estates and craft villages in Vietnam. The analysis was conducted in three separate stages: 1) a detailed inventory of industries and industrial activities responsible for the pollution of the Nhue-Day river basin, including industrial zones, industrial clusters, industrial points, craft villages and large-scale stand alone industries. In the Dong Nai river basin, an inventory of the industrial parks is all that exists for now; 2) an institutional and regulatory analysis in the Nhue-Day and Dong Nai river basin provinces; and 3) identification and determination of appropriate interventions for industrial estates and craft villages.


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    Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Summary of LBCD consultants

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    industrial cluster;industrial park;small and medium enterprise;industrial zone;institutional framework;wastewater collection and treatment;waste water discharge fee;international organization for standardization;United Nations Environment Programme;waste water treatment;export processing zone;industrial wastewater;wastewater treatment plant;water pollution control;cleaner production;River basin;catchment;dissolved air flotation;river basin committee;industrial pollution control;wastewater treatment facility;construction and operation;industrial water pollution;law and regulation;financial mechanism;individual enterprise;detailed environmental management;technical assistance program;industrial waste water;wastewater treatment system;environmental management standards;waste water management;river basin management;point source discharge;cost of pollution;human resource capacity;regulation of waste;industrial wastewater management;rural economic development;relocation of industries;total suspended solid;biological oxygen demand;chemical oxygen demand;infrastructure and services;sewerage and drainage;source of pollution;discharge of wastewater;large urban areas;transfer of responsibility;environmental protection law;conflicts of interest;strategic environmental assessment;Management of Pollution;cost of assessment;environmental monitoring;financial intermediaries;land area;industrial sector;budgetary cost;



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Industrial wastewater management in river basins Nhue-day and Dongnai project (Vol. 3) : Summary of LBCD consultants (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.