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Large firms are more productive, offer higher wages and more training (English)

This is analytical note 7 supporting the International Finance Corporation's jobs report in 2012. An analysis of over 45,000 enterprises in over 100 countries found that larger firms tend to be more productive, offer higher wages and more formal training. Compared to small enterprises, productivity in large enterprises is on average three times as high, wages are twice as high, and about twice as many large firms (about two thirds) offer formal training. These differences are particularly pronounced in Sub-Saharan Africa. The overall patterns are quite consistent across regions, but there are some exceptions, for example labor productivity differences by firm size are very small in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and in several small island economies smaller firms offer higher wages than large ones. The World Bank's enterprise surveys provide a unique source of information that can be used to measure employment growth across a large set of developing countries. The data used for this note covers manufacturing and services firms in 106 countries from five regions. Additional information on data and definitions can be found on the International Finance Corporation job creation website.




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Yang, Judy

Large firms are more productive, offer higher wages and more training (English). Assessing private sector contributions to job creation : IFC open source study ; survey note no. 7 Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.