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Haiti - Economic Reconstruction and Growth Development Policy Grant Program : Haiti - Don A l'appui de la politique developpement en faveur de reconstruction et la croissance economiques (French)

The objective of the Economic Reconstruction and Growth Development Policy Grant Project for Haiti is to support the Government of Haiti's program of sustainable reconstruction and growth. Towards this end, the grant supports institution building and the strengthening of economic governance in sectors critical to reconstruction and growth in the short and medium term. The grant is a single tranche operation that builds on the institutional foundations laid under the past series of Development Policy Grant (DPGs), some of which were stalled or reversed by the earthquake. The earthquake increased the urgency to address Haiti's deep structural problems of weak economic governance and inefficient and nontransparent public resource use. The significant inflow of reconstruction funds not only created pressure on the existing capacity to manage and use funds, but also increased demand for better economic governance.


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    Haiti - Don A l'appui de la politique developpement en faveur de reconstruction et la croissance economiques

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Haiti - Economic Reconstruction and Growth Development Policy Grant Program : Haiti - Don A l'appui de la politique developpement en faveur de reconstruction et la croissance economiques (French). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.