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Romania - Reform of Higher Education and Research Project (English)


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    Project Implementation Plan

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Eligible for Disclosure

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    Romania - Reform of Higher Education and Research Project

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    higher education institution;capital grant;project costing;higher education system;private higher education institution;disbursement of bank;data bank;allocation of loan proceeds;higher education reform;announcement of award;undergraduate program;official exchange rate;cost component;investments in education;allocation of fund;higher education research;program proposal;program development;higher education sector;competitive selection procedure;program selection;government cash flow;course of study;continuing education programs;labor market need;clarity and consistency;standard operating procedure;Human Resources Operation;university and college;higher education development;Components by Financiers;technical assistance program;capacity of individual;public higher education;schedule for audit;project cash flow;capacity of institutions;colleges and university;forecast of expenditures;state budget allocation;foreign exchange requirement;capital investment plan;small business management;cost of research;labor market demand;grants for student;student financial assistance;student support scheme;eligibility criterion;review procedures;innovation fund;institutional base;university program;systemic reform;project administration;standing committee;postgraduate program;selection criterion;research funding;donor support;academic program;postgraduate training;research activities;research activity;capital fund;scientific collaboration;research group;postgraduate student;research program;investment program;employment opportunities;competitive basis;appraisal mission;recipient institution;postgraduate education;grant funding;civil works;employment opportunity;incremental cost;capital expenditure;research equipment;budget commitments;program expenditure;student demand;grant award;Social Sciences;staff development;eligibility requirement;external assessor;grant funds;business administration;


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