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St Maarten - Sint Maarten Enterprise Recovery Project : Environmental Assessment : Environmental and Social Management Framework (English)

The development objective of the Sint Maarten Enterprise Recovery Project is to support the recovery of micro, small, and medium sized enterprises through direct financial assistance to contribute to the restoration of economic activity in Sint Maarten. Some of the negative impacts are include: (i) creates a new source of waste for the neighborhood, including organic and inorganic waste; (ii) demolition of building materials from the damaged restaurant; (iii) inconvenience and risk to road safety for drivers and pedestrians; (iv) environmental pollution; (v) hazards to human health, safety, and security; (vi) impacts to communities, including temporary and/or permanent dislocation of people and businesses; (vii) threats to a region’s biodiversity and cultural heritage; Some of the mitigation measure are include: (i) contractor shall be responsible for maintaining security over the construction site, including the protection of stored materials and equipment; (ii) contractor shall ensure that all workers operate within a safe environment; (iii) community/public should be informed in advance of any work activities to occur outside of normal working hours or on weekends; (iv) use of any hazardous materials, including oils, fuels, and petroleum products, shall conform to the proper use recommendations of the product; (v) all pesticides to be used shall conform to the list of acceptable pesticides that are not banned by the relevant local authority; (vi) all paints and preservatives shall only be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations for use and application; (vii) construction materials such as sand, cement, or other fines should be kept properly covered; (viii) unpaved, dusty construction roads should compacted and then wet periodically; (xi) demolition debris shall be kept in controlled area and sprayed with water mist to reduce debris dust; (x) alternative routes are to be identified in the instance of extended road works or road blockages; (xi) provisions must be made for liquid sanitary waste management that conforms to the waste management policies and regulations of the relevant authority; (xii) contractor should liaise with the relevant local health and waste management agencies to ensure the adequacy of the measurements being proposed.


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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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