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China - Yunnan Highway Asset Management Project : ethnic minority development plan (English)

The development objective of the Yunnan Highway Asset Management Project for China is to improve Yunnan's trunk highway asset management capacity and provide a better level of service to trunk highway users. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: (1) optimizing the design to protect the rights and interests of the affected persons (APs) according to the feasibility study report and resettlement framework; (2) separating the construction site from the surrounding environment by guardrails to block flying dust; (3) collecting industrial wastewater produced during construction in settling tanks, and then recycling for such purposes as vehicle washing, dust suppression, and sprinkling; (4) preparing the construction organizational design before staging to define equipment models, noise levels, operating regulations and noise control measures, make rational planning to reduce equipment and manmade noise, schedule construction rationally to prevent the concurrent operation of high-noise equipment, and prohibit the use of high-noise equipment during 22:00-7:00 a.m. and 12:00-14:00 p.m; (5) stacking topsoil during construction and using for landscaping after the completion of construction, and covering mounds to prevent flying dust; (6) building temporary roads during construction to provide for the daily traffic of minority residents, and setting warning signs in ethnic languages near religious places, stores, schools, and canals to ensure safety; and (7) conducting health quarantine on the construction staff and dependents before staging and during construction in order to learn their health status, and prevent and control diseases.


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    China - Yunnan Highway Asset Management Project : ethnic minority development plan

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