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Loan administration report on the loans for the development of the Belgian Congo (English)

The Belgian Congo is eighty times as large as Belgium and one-third the size of the U.S. It lies within the Congo River system and its only access to the sea is by a narrow strip of land at the mouth of the river. The development of the Congo has been further hampered by the fact that it is extremely thinly populated. There are only 12 million people in the whole country and their distribution is very uneven, as shown on map No. 3. Densities of over 100 per square mile exist, mostly in relatively inaccessible parts of the Kivu, while over much of the Congo basin and the Katanga the average density is less than 5 per square mile. In the future, however, the problems brou5ht about by the growth of an urban proletariat are likely to be more serious than those arising from rural depopulation. Migration has recently slowed down somewhat, and the cities, where the population is young and increasing rather rapidly, are becoming more able to satisfy the demand for industrial labor from their own natural increase.


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    Pre-2003 Economic or Sector Report

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    Congo, Democratic Republic of

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    Loan administration report on the loans for the development of the Belgian Congo

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Loan administration report on the loans for the development of the Belgian Congo (English). Europe series Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.