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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Egypt: Greater Cairo Air Pollution Management and Climate Change Project - P172548 (English)


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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Egypt, Arab Republic of

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    Middle East and North Africa,

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Egypt: Greater Cairo Air Pollution Management and Climate Change Project - P172548

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    solid waste management program; scale community development; vehicle emission reduction; Environmental and Social Performance; solid waste management strategy; operation and maintenance expenditure; traditional means of communication; borrower need; ambient air pollution; Internal rate of return; stakeholder engagement; environment and development; water pollution; Air Quality Management; healthcare waste management; air pollution monitoring; grievance redress mechanism; waste management infrastructure; person with disability; public awareness activity; social risk management; state owned enterprise; sustainable development strategy; High Blood Pressure; hazardous waste facility; procurement management unit; public private; public transport sector; quality and efficiency; national development plan; personal protective equipment; loss of livelihood; private sector company; emergency response plan; part time work; access to information; reduction of pollution; decision support system; awareness and communication; IS Building; channels of communication; air pollution management; participation of stakeholder; community development associations; motor vehicle density; Health and Population; technical assistance program; national waste management; department of communication; code of conduct; health impact assessment; impact on health; Investment Project Financing; Grievance Redress Service; consultations with stakeholders; social and environmental; Gender-Based Violence; book fair; net present value; garbage collector; social media; civil society; informal sector; university hospital; awareness raising; vulnerable group; grievance mechanism; legislative branch; transfer station; sanitation worker; electric bus; high pollution; stakeholder identification; waste pickers; community meetings; waste transport; enabling activities; public consultation; environmental issue; value chain; in school; land acquisition; commercial activity; garbage collection; existing contract; pregnant woman; social enterprise; behavioral change; stakeholder consultation; bus depot; protected area; bus driver; private company; potential tenderers; construction work; response system; response mechanism; public meeting; precautionary approach; citizen engagement; non-governmental organization; stakeholder need; large print; social commitment; air emission; national requirement; street cleaner; citizen feedback; Social Assessment; health condition; traffic police; consultation requirement; local development; public hearing; online communication; good information; recent studies; international news; active participation; informal operators; trust funded; community social; lung disease; direct communication; heart disease; treatment facilities; sulphur oxides; focus group; medical condition; elderly person; concerned parties; public community; urban sustainability; social awareness; Media Page; government reports; lessons learnt; nitrogen oxide; waste composition; electronic media; working condition; consultative activity; field visits; industrial area; environmental disaster; plastic waste; civil community; environmental awareness; government conduct; academic institution; media representatives; press release; environmental concept; Marine Pollution; media organization; site visits; local population; adverse climate; awareness campaign; monitoring equipment; regulatory authority; effectiveness analysis; waste recycling; tree plantation; female youth; land transport; policy option; governmental body; participation process; environmental action; social framework; affected communities; online form; partnership framework; local representatives; power supply; sexual harassment; information dissemination; open burn; prevention measures; benefit-cost analysis; electric charge; green jobs; radio channels; safety equipment; black carbon; green investment; construction material; treatment programs; community television; management function; mitigation measure; bus line



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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Egypt: Greater Cairo Air Pollution Management and Climate Change Project - P172548 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.