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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Congo Fiscal management, economic and social resilience DPF - P165815 (English)


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    Project Information Document

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    Congo, Republic of

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    Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Congo Fiscal management, economic and social resilience DPF - P165815

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    positive impact; poor household; business environment; poverty and social impact; domestic resource mobilization; impact on poverty; access to health facility; efficiency of public spending; contribution to poverty reduction; efficiency of service delivery; effect of tax policy; current account balance; land use allocation; water and electricity; macroeconomic policy framework; basic social service; private health care; natural resource use; public health care; Access to Education; public health center; education and health; essential social services; national development plan; public wage bill; tax collection procedure; Natural Resource Management; Development Policy Financing; quality of public; social protection system; fiscal adjustment; primary health care; maintenance of infrastructure; natural resource revenue; community health center; oil price crisis; private sector investor; high quality education; trade development; financing for health; tight monetary policy; energy and water; social program; fiscal space; forestry sector; local population; Indigenous Peoples; fiscal expenditure; health expenditure; debt restructuring; forest code; fiscal resource; public debt; Essential Drugs; malaria drug; capital spending; aids drugs; basic benefit; removing barriers; water bill; business creation; Cash Transfer; fiscal management; increased transparency; budget line; domestic revenue; health budget; rural area; empirical result; Vocational Training; public training; adequate financing; private provider; positive externality; effective access; welfare impact; conventional school; mining resources; forest product; living condition; net impact; logging company; poverty alleviation; significant factor; enhancing access; environmental aspect; fiscal position; equity impact; paying job; public resource; income opportunity; support measure; fiscal evasion; fiscal revenue; Private School; macroeconomic environment; Tax Code; custom code; discretionary exemption; financial distress; Job Creation; external position; oil sector; downside risk; oil revenue; macroeconomic framework; unintended consequence; oil production; significant challenge; tax revenue; capital expenditure; forest sector; Business Climate; forest law; currency union; credit condition; domestic demand; Financial Sector; external stability; domestic arrears; government coordination; forest stock; poverty impact; development partner; targeting performance; community level; comparative advantage; spatial planning; basic infrastructure; quality service; contagious disease; disposable income; Energy Sector; Agriculture; water point; government spending; local development; skill development; natural asset; sustainable management; human capital



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Concept Program Information Document (PID) - Congo Fiscal management, economic and social resilience DPF - P165815 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.