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Oromia National Regional State Forested Landscape Program : Benefit Sharing Plan for Disbursing Result Based Payments from BioCF ISFL Program (English)

The advanced draft Benefit Sharing Plan (BSP) for Ethiopia’s Oromia National Regional State Forested Landscape Program is prepared in anticipation of benefits coming as a result of verified emission reduction (ER) to be generated in the whole of Oromia Regional State (jurisdiction) due to interventions of enabling environment (policy and institutions, incentives, information and environmental and social safeguards), and enabling investments (integrated land use planning, sustainable forest management/participatory forest management, afforestation and reforestation), leading to reducing emission from deforestation and forest degradation, and enhancement forest carbon stock. It is designed through consultative, inclusive and participatory approach involving all potential beneficiaries at all levels: federal, regional, woreda (district) and Kebele (village)level. Eligibility for benefits was determined transparently using agreed upon criteria mainly on the basis of roles and responsibilities potential beneficiaries would have and contribution made to attain ER. Identified eligible beneficiaries include, national and regional government program entities; regional sector implementing agencies and their subordinates at local level (woreda level), community (forest management cooperatives, kebele forest/farming communities, vulnerable groups within kebeles) and the private sector. The advanced draft BSP describes types of benefits, gross and net benefits, eligible beneficiaries and the two tier modality for benefit allocation: vertical and horizontal allocations. Furthermore, it describes the criteria used and mathematical models adopted to calculate share of benefits at zonal, woreda kebele and private sector levels. In addition, it elaborates the fund flow mechanism, institutional arrangement and monitoring for fund flow. It also covers on potential use of ER fund by each beneficiary and environment and social compliance of socio -economic community/private investment sector projects financed by ER fund.


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    Benefit Sharing Plan for Disbursing Result Based Payments from BioCF ISFL Program

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    sustainable management of forest; investment need; Forest Development; area of forest; land use change; small and medium enterprise; Environmental and Social Safeguard; rural land; flow of ecosystem service; measure of use; forest management information system; female-headed household; grievance redress mechanism; eligible beneficiary; private forest; share of benefit; minerals and energy; community action plan; change cost; micro finance institution; private sector actors; transfer of benefit; schedule of payment; capacity building training; financial management training; measurement of performance; continuous capacity building; spatial information; nitrous oxide emission; forest carbon stock; financial management capacity; climate smart agriculture; accounting and reporting; community development plans; criteria for selection; international good practice; formal court system; integrated watershed management; human capacity building; number of beneficiaries; emission reduction potential; carbon dioxide equivalent; land use plan; creating job opportunity; maintenance of road; Natural Resource Management; time of performance; assessment of performance; HIV and AIDS; community consultation; matching fund; net payment; investment option; benefit sharing; forest degradation; community level; livelihood improvement; forested landscape; benefit allocation; reference level; forest sector; administrative level; consultation meeting; vulnerable group; forest stewardship; federal government; jurisdictional level; revolving fund; natural factors; government share; mitigation measure; tree planting; fishery resource; other sectors; employment opportunities; employment opportunity; lump sum; government body; enabling environment; monetary benefit; benefit calculation; data submission; regional performance; deforestation; international negotiation; land forest; carbon fund; federal level; private investor; individual investor; monitoring indicator; private corporation; business association; equitable access; project finance; popular media; printing materials; funds flow; canopy cover; federal republic; national strategy; corrective action; legal term; cooperative development; regular oversight; share right; social responsibility; customary right; user management; individual household; competitive basis; village levels; fuel wood; soil moisture; tree species; natural forest; gender equity; rehabilitation activities; forest inventories; social group; poor household; policy requirement; elderly household; remote sensing; government structure; fiscal budget; government fiscal; overall governance; rural area; ethnic group; Finance Unit; population group; Population Projection; youth group; regional body; concerned parties; government auditor; small holder; approval process; manure management; livestock management; fruit tree; bee keeping; fuel saving; income maintenance; seedling production; forest governance; emission increase; forest coverage; underserved communities; political factor; objective criterion; benefit distribution; quality datum; forest loss; high-risk household; evaluation period; proxy indicator; crop residue; conservation practice; management process; local actors; transparent manner; political instability; safeguard specialist; grant money; enteric fermentation; risk minimization; GHG Gases; digestion process; Financing programmes; fire break; area closure; natural regeneration; continuous consultation; agricultural expansion; wood extraction; livestock grazing; coffee production; forest communities; finance program; increased income; grassroots community; improve forest; carbon neutral; improved land; purchase agreement; Enterprise Development; active participation; community participation; financial instrument; financial incentive



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Oromia National Regional State Forested Landscape Program : Benefit Sharing Plan for Disbursing Result Based Payments from BioCF ISFL Program (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.