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Final Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325 (English)


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    Program-for-Results Environmental and Social Systems Assessment

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Final Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325

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    drinking water source protection; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Occupational health and safety; Environmental and Social Impact; Environmental and Social Performance; compulsory education; quality of road service; environmental and social management; road asset management system; annual road maintenance program; small scale land acquisition; public financial management reform; improvement of road safety; quality of public service; public sector balance sheet; implementation of road maintenance; legal and regulatory framework; Gender-Based Violence; export-led growth; Social and Environmental Management; efficient allocation of resource; surface water quality; intergovernmental fiscal management; public service delivery; intergovernmental fiscal framework; intergovernmental fiscal transfer; evaluation of education; physical cultural resources; water bodies; ethnic minority groups; adverse environmental effect; per capita income; natural resource exploitation; intergovernmental fiscal institution; rural transport service; rural road rehabilitation; grievance redress mechanism; ethnic minority population; rural road maintenance; intergovernmental transfer system; ethnic minority community; emergency response plan; Fiscal Risk Management; protection community; fiscal transfer system; take time; comments and feedback; negative environmental impact; lack of institutions; allocation of fund; improved school performance; environmental management system; rural living standard; construction and operation; significant adverse impact; five year plan; Subnational Debt Management; flora and fauna; allocation of responsibility; million people; Public Finance Management; improved service delivery; hard budget constraint; medium-term fiscal strategy; wastewater treatment facility; social insurance scheme; fiscal equalization transfer; code of conduct; capacity building support; rural road construction; local legal framework; own source revenue; Intergovernmental Fiscal Reform; law and regulation; social insurance function; erosion control measures; construction of road; subnational government account; intergovernmental fiscal system; high income economy; disposal of waste; delivery of service; critical natural habitats; Local Government Finance; cost-effectiveness of service; soil erosion; Public Services; Fiscal Sustainability; field visits; civil works; public consultation; recent years; nature reserve; forest park; rural county; land use; expenditure efficiency; rural area; rural community; social screening; horizontal imbalance; Public Spending; fiscal capacities; environmental supervision; poverty alleviation; village levels; public debt; citizen engagement; construction management; rural resident; mitigation measure; aquatic species; physical activity; surface vegetation; rural public; stakeholder consultation; strategic allocation; environmental area; core principle; poor village; sediment pollution; Virtual Meeting; climate resilience; aquatic life; community workers; construction work; safety management; risk assessment; site visits; public budget; budget transparency; drainage pattern; budget process; natural disaster; remote village; hydrological characteristic; environmental performance; institutional innovation; administrative capacity; adequate maintenance; fiscal transparency; contingent liability; contingent liabilities; social issue; budget code; stakeholder need; participation mechanism; social aspect; productive infrastructure; working condition; intergovernmental system; consultation workshop; abundant rainfall; consultation meeting; government expenditure; in school; internal environment; bulk material; social system; institutional system; land donations; standard procedure; equal access; construction site; tax authorities; coastal area; household income; illegal hunting; fiscal disparity; transfer account; budget reform; earmarked grant; public expenditure; improved accessibility; disproportionate share; input cost



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Final Environmental and Social Systems Assessment (ESSA) - Hunan Subnational Governance and Rural Public Service Delivery Program for Results - P172325 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.