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China - Hunan Forest Restoration and Development Project : indigenous peoples plan : Ethnic minority development plan (Chinese)

The objective of the Hunan Forest Restoration and Development Project is to improve the structure and function of forest stand, mitigate and adapt to the climate change, through restoring vegetation and rebuilding forest ecosystems in ice storm damanged areas. The conclusion on the project negative impatcs are: 1) farmers are the major participants and stakeholder in the project. It is found by the Social Assessment (SA) team that individual farmers' household has a relatively small area of forest land, and the area of ecological forest land is even much smaller. However, the income generation for farmers by public-benefit forests is very limited which is much less than timber forests. Although the project focus on ecological forest management, the interest requests from farmers shall receive more attention; 2) the project is designed to cover women and the poor population. The SA team found that far more women labor force than men stay in the villages, while most of the poor population also stay in the villages due to lack of skills. Therefore, the project will have greater impact on women and the poor population as they are provided with more opportunities for development, thus there will not be the marginalization on them or new porverty problems. On the one hand, the project can improve the living environment and income of women and the poor; On the other hand, the project can also provide them with employment opportunities and increase their labor income; 3) the labor force in the village is constituted mainly by women and the elderly who generally lack skills and strong working capability. Therefoer, the quality and capability of labor might be a problem and bring slight risks to project implementation. However, it is also found that the labor force outside the project area may be attracted in if the project could provide appropriate labor payments; 4) the project will also promote institutional capacity building of forestry management institutes through advanced project management methods and office management system; and 5) the project also covers the rural poor population who will get their living environment and quality improved from the project. They will also be provided with employment opportunities and income increase.


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China - Hunan Forest Restoration and Development Project : indigenous peoples plan : Ethnic minority development plan (Chinese). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.