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Kazakhstan - Second Phase of the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project : resettlement plan : Land acquisition framework (Kazakh)

The development objectives of the Phase two of the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project for Kazakhstan are to improve flood management capacity and improve water provision for developing aquaculture and other socioeconomic activities in the project areas along the lower Syr Darya. Some of the negative impacts and mitigation measures include: the lost irrigated lands are compensated by the identical agricultural lands, i.e identical soil fertility level and productivity. Compensation is meant to give the owners an opportunity to restore the pre-project level of livelihood. These procedures are related both to the legislation of RK and procedures of World bank; affected persons are entitled to be compensated at full replacement cost for their lost assets, incomes and businesses, including temporary losses or impacts, without adjustments for depreciation; compensation should enable affected persons to restore at least their pre-project incomes and standard of living by the end of the project; special attention should be given to households headed by women and other vulnerable persons and appropriate assistance provided to assure that their living standards are maintained or improved; land acquisition and resettlement are executed as part of the project and fully funded; and compensation will be fully provided before land can be entered for civil works or demolition.


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    Land acquisition framework

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Kazakhstan - Second Phase of the Syr Darya Control and Northern Aral Sea Project : resettlement plan : Land acquisition framework (Kazakh). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.