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Resettlement Framework Liberia: Rural Economic Transformation Project (P175263) (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Environmental and Social Management Framework

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    Africa West,

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    Resettlement Framework Liberia: Rural Economic Transformation Project (P175263)

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    Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise; monitoring and evaluation plan; agricultural research institute; value chain; access to employment opportunity; climate smart agriculture; Environmental and Social Impact; National Food and Nutrition; impact of climate change; source income; access to health care; lower vehicle operating cost; grievance redress mechanism; land acquisition; rural poor household; land use right; class of people; loss of land; resettlement action plan; method of valuation; negative social impacts; distribution of household; loss of income; displacement of people; loss of asset; person with disability; primary health care; small holder farmer; compensation for loss; food crop production; population by region; access to land; poor road infrastructure; Business Advisory Service; food value chain; majority of farmer; forms of compensation; acquisition of land; agricultural labor force; real estate valuation; payment in kind; private sector operator; Local Economic Development; sum of money; construction and operation; distribution of land; land for resettlement; source of electricity; rehabilitation of road; flow of information; development of communication; security of tenure; renewable energy system; finance rehabilitation; rights of way; corridor of impact; remote rural area; unit of entitlement; ownership of asset; road construction activity; expropriation of property; gender and youth; agricultural support service; construction of market; climate change adaptation; structure of production; compensation of loss; procedure for implementation; impacts on agriculture; climate change mitigation; loss of work; delivery of service; criteria for qualification; displaced person; civil works; resettlement assistance; resettlement plan; affected persons; Agribusiness Development; vulnerable group; involuntary resettlement; market access; mitigation measure; land right; replacement cost; legal right; smallholder farmer; open market; agribusiness service; other asset; enhancing competitiveness; tree crop; drainage infrastructure; resettlement activities; agricultural marketing; infrastructure service; agriculture sector; project intervention; compensation payment; sanitation facility; agricultural produce; Public-Private Dialogue; affected communities; Natural Resources; legal framework; replacement land; road work; food system; valuation method; benefit sharing; property owner; residential structures; road corridor; institutional framework; commercial partners; productive asset; income source; production system; title holders; determining eligibility; young people; population census; private land; agricultural sector; internal market; market infrastructure; project impact; irrigation system; agricultural productivity; agricultural producer; social status; gap filling; Mental disabilities; oil palm; stakeholder consultation; Support for Agriculture; matching grant; cash crop; private investor; public consultation; quality service; resettlement process; storage facility; organizational arrangement; protected area; spot improvement; agricultural production; employment opportunities; monitoring indicator; logistics support; logistic support; living standard; appropriate solutions; poverty dynamic; public health; resettlement impacts; subproject approval; baseline data; potential conflicts; employment centers; political interest; Public Services; gender equity; private investment; temporary worker; entrepreneurship development; funding support; export earnings; income loss; root crop; labor influx; based systems; land area; farming system; pig husbandry; agricultural growth; mixed cropping; Gender Inequality; agricultural activity; marketable surplus; land asset; access route; green leave; land clearing; agricultural livelihoods; upward mobility; food storage; productive area; local market; heavy rainfall; rainy season; bridge infrastructure; certified seed; community survey; basic infrastructure; household head; coastal belt



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Borrowing Agency

Resettlement Framework Liberia: Rural Economic Transformation Project (P175263) (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.