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Liberia Forestry Development Authority : An Institutional Capacity Assessment - Pillar II (English)

This report presents the findings from an institutional capacity assessment of Liberia's Forestry Development Authority (FDA) based on a survey of FDA employees. The FDA plays a pivotal role in managing Liberia's forest resources, and its Strategic Plan (2018–2030) prioritizes institutional strengthening for achieving its vision of “sustainable forestry for sustainable development.” The FDA employee survey was conducted to provide scientific evidence on the main organizational and personnel dimensions of institutional capacity, including staff skills, management practices, staff attitudes and behaviors, experiences of corruption and undue political interference, stakeholder interaction, and factors determining project success. A total of 438 FDA employees, or approximately 82 percent of the staff, were interviewed, and the sample covered Monrovia andthe field offices. The survey’s findings are relevant to key FDA strategic pillars of improving staff productivity, strengthening internal governance, and improving the agency’s customer service charter. These findings identify four key reform pillars that, when supported by a strong foundation of better data and more regular monitoring and evaluation, will help strengthen FDA’s institutional capacity: improving skills through merit-based recruitment and competency-based training; stronger management practices, in particular, performance assessments, targeting and monitoring; more equitable pay; and greater community engagement. Administrative data and regular staff surveys can be the basis of a key set of indicators on public employment and management that the FDA can use to assess progress toward institutional strengthening.


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    Hasnain,Zahid, Bteddini,Lida, Kishor,Nalin M., Kay,Kerenssa Mayo, Somani,Ravi

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    Liberia Forestry Development Authority : An Institutional Capacity Assessment - Pillar II

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    public access to information; commercial value of forests; human resource management; institutional capacity assessment; access to vehicle; Access to Electricity; Code of Ethics; award of contract; allocation of resource; staff performance evaluations; sustainable forest management; level of rent; access to facility; code of conduct; access to training; public sector specialist; Types of Recruitment; engine of growth; human resource planning; personnel management policy; regional land use; minimum qualification requirement; state-owned enterprise; achievement of targets; management and employment; quality of outputs; public service delivery; service delivery standard; misappropriation of fund; Performance Appraisal System; source of employment; less developed country; global private sector; availability of resource; enforcement of regulation; promotion of staff; pool of candidates; gross national income; Innovation and Productivity; Public Sector Organizations; internal best practice; Access to Education; civil service productivity; recent studies show; annual budgetary allocation; private sector job; infrastructure and facilities; information management systems; institutional capacity building; skills of graduate; public sector job; sustainable socioeconomic development; unethical behavior; staff productivity; high motivation; work environment; educational qualification; institutional strengthening; Public Employment; internal governance; staff survey; conceptual framework; forest land; forestry sector; regular monitoring; survey modules; forest sector; community engagement; project failure; political interference; anecdotal evidence; job evaluation; production function; administrative datum; recruitment practice; sustainable forestry; compensation system; performance management; non-governmental organization; palm oil; organizational goal; core modules; traditional authority; Performance Appraisals; work practice; citizen engagement; accountability mechanism; charcoal production; necessary skill; elected officials; winrock international; pay equity; political influence; new entrant; relative wage; solving problem; community interaction; employee performance; survey respondent; performance assessment; compensation policy; canopy cover; personal relationship; study objectives; university degree; undergraduate degree; compensation plan; targeted training; limited resources; skill development; financial resource; staff morale; job turnover; average duration; mobility rate; public affair; manual labor; skilled professional; good information; necessary infrastructure; audit source; long-term outcome; socio-economic development; effective policies; production process; problem-solving ability; staff capacity; workplace practice; housing allowance; organizational performance; survey instrument; Salary Scales; qualified candidates; staff compensation; research literature; global climate; skilled young; employee motivation; outreach program; education facility; survey methodology; basic infrastructure; health facility; evidence-based policy; representative sample; accountability framework; essay question; adequate resources; equitable compensation; electricity access; working day; political leadership; job satisfaction; political patronage; effective monitoring; assessment mechanism; research show; project quality; basic pillar; bureaucratic power; positive impact; organizational practice; political connections; blue box; Labor Market; skilled staff; external environment; working relationship; survey design; mobile application; development partner; political factor; productive use; common feature; political support; wage differential; management indicator; empirical literature; data generation; welfare support; organizational capacity; female respondent; education level; gender mainstreaming; demographic composition; quantifiable targets; survey questions; external factor; adequate facility; Job Vacancies; organizational problem



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Hasnain,Zahid Bteddini,Lida Kishor,Nalin M. Kay,Kerenssa Mayo Somani,Ravi

Liberia Forestry Development Authority : An Institutional Capacity Assessment - Pillar II (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.