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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Punjab Rural Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Project - P169071 (English)


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    Sami,Mohammad Farha0ah

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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    South Asia,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Punjab Rural Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Project - P169071

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    sustainable water supply; monitoring and evaluation system; dam safety of dam; rural water supply and sanitation; independent third-party monitoring; water supply and sanitation sector; quality of water supply service; Environmental and Social Impact; health and safety issue; provision of water supply; Environmental and Social Safeguard; Demographic and Health Survey; quality of drinking water; resettlement action plan; Resettlement action plans; ventilated improved pit latrine; source of drinking water; Occupational health and safety; real gross domestic product; use of child labor; water supply or sanitation; environmental and social management; cost of health care; contamination of drinking water; Below the Poverty Line; disparities in health outcomes; rural water supply scheme; Solid Waste Management; access to water; point of use; Safeguard Policies; safeguard policy; incidence of diarrhea; drinking water source; access to sanitation; operations and maintenance; wastewater treatment facility; resource allocation decision; local government department; water borne disease; service delivery structure; water quality monitoring; contamination of water; public water system; social security benefit; adverse environmental impact; human development outcome; water supply technologies; child health outcomes; labor force participation; quality of effluent; impact on child; Donor funded projects; use of machinery; financial management information; piped sewer system; health care needs; cost of electricity; treatment of effluent; public water supply; intermittent water supply; water borne pathogens; Environmental Management Plan; appropriate mitigation measures; drinking water quality; quality and quantity; service delivery improvement; people with disability; waste management system; water supply network; improved sanitation facilities; animal waste management; sanitation and hygiene; women headed household; treatment of wastewater; health care cost; finance activity; negative social impacts; indicators of access; quality of supervision; storm water drainage; water service delivery; piece of legislation; poor water quality; water quality parameter; rates of diarrhea; adequate water quality; income due; water supply infrastructure; education service delivery; improvements in health; supply water; Investment Project Financing; implementation of mitigation; environmental quality standard; loss of asset; water supply system; participation by woman; social and environmental; social assistance measures; fiscal stimulus package; negative environmental impact; water storage tank; water quality testing; piped water supply; water resource conservation; access to asset; safe drinking water; loss of income; monitoring service quality; incentives for accountability; number of beneficiaries; septic tank; project intervention; child stunting; open defecation; rural area; engineering design; behavior change; water bodies; water table; safe disposal; in poverty; young child; government land; direct beneficiaries; Sanitation Services; sanitation infrastructure; household investment; other water; sustainable access; vulnerable group; construction work; delivery model; private land; shallow depth; regulatory oversight; motorized pumps; small parcel; fecal contamination; documentation requirement; reverse osmosis; water meter; sanitation facility; involuntary resettlement; rural population; groundwater contamination; safeguard issue; land parcel; agricultural field; Fecal Sludge; groundwater withdrawal; children of ages; tariff collection; stakeholder engagement; bacterial contamination; construction machinery; mitigation plans; pumping station; public space; stakeholder consultation; regulatory authority; natural habitat; Performance Standards; capacity requirements; lower costs; internal stakeholder; sanitation system; community behavior; institutional set-up; external stakeholder; protective behavior; community capacity; household connection



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Sami,Mohammad Farha0ah

Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Punjab Rural Sustainable Water Supply and Sanitation Project - P169071 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.