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Uzbekistan - Scaling Solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) Project (English)


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    Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Uzbekistan - Scaling Solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) Project

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    Environmental and Social Impact Assessment; protection of cultural heritage; Environmental and Social Risk Rating; community health and safety; adverse impacts of resettlement; Environmental and Social Performance; Occupational health and safety; objective of performance; power purchase agreement; double circuit line; species of bird; protected area; land use right; independent power producer; Sexually Transmitted Disease; gender based violence; critical natural habitats; code of conduct; flora and fauna; Special Purpose Vehicle; disposal of batteries; land acquisition process; access to water; construction and rehabilitation; Concept Review Meeting; land use restriction; political risk insurance; social and environmental; generation of waste; private power generation; supply of materials; assessment of risk; appropriate mitigation measures; Energy Sector Reform; analysis of alternatives; significant adverse impact; winning bidder; grid connection; labor influx; public-private partnership; asphalt road; residential area; project risk; construction work; transmission line; access road; air temperature; South East; forced labor; site selection; agricultural land; road safety; seismic risk; labor camp; bearing capacity; guarantee program; Performance Standards; indigenous people; Indigenous Peoples; environmental risk; dust level; Resource Efficiency; private investor; displacement process; installed capacity; Natural Resources; baseline study; surface elevation; water course; agricultural plot; deep gullies; safety training; marginalized group; irrigation canal; civil works; industry standard; long-term benefits; labor management; main road; regional economy; use rights; informal land; positive impact; available land; physical work; construction material; railway line; information sources; water flow; critical habitat; endangered species; solar plant; ground water; Social Conflict; geographic distribution; construction phase; temporary worker; heavy truck; cumulative impact; Land tenure; legal framework; social effect; Job Creation; security management; social condition; transaction cost; informal activity; local livelihoods; private entity; low-voltage distribution; term sheets; involuntary resettlement; other asset; contractual relationship; local condition; social requirement; security risk; risk base; construction site; access restrictions; government institution; safety awareness; social obligation; other ifis; competitive tender; safeguards data; affected persons; project datum; accessible location; ancient sites; private investment; water use; new investment; monitoring program; bird mortality; residual risk; bird species; competitive mechanism; public perception; regulatory constraint; energy transition; baseline conditions; existing contract; public consultation; modern technology; electric cable; local branch; local municipality; residential building; appropriate training; national legislation; soil disturbance; national capacity; safe management; grazing area; solar panel; solar facility; unsolicited proposal; energy company; urban location; raw material; gender norm; renewable development; financing institution; Social Assessment



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Uzbekistan - Scaling Solar Independent Power Producers (IPPs) Project (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.