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China - Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun Railway Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Environmental impact assessment (English)

The objective of this Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun Railway Project is to provide additional passenger and freight transport capacity and reduce passenger transport tie in the project corridor. Negative impacts includes: noise pollution, soil erosion issues, solid waste disposal, impact on the drinking water, blast impact on community, road traffic and safety, dust nuisance, and vibration impact. Mitigation measures include: 1) construction vehicles slow down when going through towns and residential areas, use of low noise construction machinery; 2) contractors will develop reasonable construction scheme including rational transportation route and traffic diversion plan; 3) water-spraying will be carried out on construction site and access roads to minimize air-borne dust generation; 4) adequate sanitary facility will be provided in camp sites; 5) installation of vibration reduction measures as designed; and 6) installation of wastewater treatment facilities as designed.


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    Environmental Assessment

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Environmental impact assessment

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    railway line;ecological environment;signal to noise ratio;drinking water source protection;total length of road;quality river water;environment impact assessment;surface water;arable land;noise environment assessment;noise source;construction and operation;noise pollution;soil erosion;crossing over;environment protection;discharge of pollutant;environmental protection department;water quality monitoring;cooperation and development;construction of tunnel;city development plan;soil erosion prevention;law and regulation;indicator of impact;seismic ground motion;acoustic environment;water environment;assessment standard;stone work;engineering design;Temporary Work;soil loss;project construction;wild plant;longitudinal section;city planning;railway station;protection measure;forest land;construction site;impact analysis;receiving water;nature reserve;ambient air;



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China - Jilin-Tumen-Hunchun Railway Project : environmental assessment (Vol. 3) : Environmental impact assessment (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.