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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Additional Financing for COVID-19 Response under the Third Municipal Development Project - P174781 (English)

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    Pablo,Christopher T.

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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    West Bank and Gaza,

  • Region

    Middle East and North Africa,

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Additional Financing for COVID-19 Response under the Third Municipal Development Project - P174781

  • Keywords

    Municipalities; Environmental and Social Management Plan; Environmental and Social Safeguard; traffic and road safety; community health and safety; worker health and safety; project design and implementation; Occupational health and safety; Risks and Mitigation Measures; access to health care; Performance-Based Grant; local service provision; Safeguard Policies; loss of income; safeguard policy; local infrastructure development; sustainable service delivery; state of emergency; solid waste collection; municipal service provision; wages and salary; solid waste handling; local public service; creating job opportunity; activities and expenses; construction and rehabilitation; assignment of responsibility; code of conduct; lost jobs; standard of living; risk of exposure; service delivery functions; gross domestic product; maintenance of water; labor intensive methods; Local Economic Development; municipal service delivery; access to financing; finance cost; integration of woman; achievement of outcome; Maintenance of Drainage; operational guidance; maintenance of road; continuity of service; operations and maintenance; per capita allocation; use of resources; physical cultural resources; safety of dam; finance activity; access to asset; project information documents; financing instrument; Public Health Emergency; consultations with stakeholders; other development; health care system; public health response; Environmental Management Plan; infrastructure and facilities; municipal response; temporary job; public space; grievance mechanism; economic slowdown; Environmental Assessment; recovery effort; emergency response; management cost; social distance; public consultation; safeguard issue; unemployment rate; pest control; dust generation; access road; vulnerable household; fiscal situation; investment grant; consultation meeting; subproject proposal; allocation criterion; environmental safeguard; civil works; adequate capacity; economic recovery; public market; public meeting; working condition; community clinics; project identification; sewerage scheme; water distribution; childcare center; storage structures; social inclusion; storage facility; cumulative impact; community facility; community hall; composting facilities; relative weight; equalization grant; allocation mechanism; safety measure; monitoring indicator; Elderly People; vulnerable individual; interest group; support municipal; procurement procedure; international agency; retroactive financing; Public Transport; beneficiary municipality; land take; bus stop; high sensitivity; poor household; culvert crossing; rolling basis; consultation process; water harvesting; physical characteristic; gender consideration; strategic development; health department; irreversible impacts; medical waste; parallel financing; long-term impact; environmental risk; monitoring plan; complaints mechanism; international waterway; construction phase; institutional framework; labor condition; land acquisition; personal protection; positive impact; corrective measure; environmental consultant; rodent control; safe handling; wash facility; safeguard analysis; target beneficiary; anonymous complaints; Traffic Safety; environmental specialist; construction activities; Performance Standards; funding support; natural habitat; consultation procedure; Indigenous Peoples; involuntary resettlement; community base; financing source; grievance procedure; financially support; medical resources; recurring expenditure; affected country; health crises; client's request; travel restriction; response activity; global pandemic; vulnerable family; economic crisis; immediate relief; project grant; project costing; government function; emergency operation; public system; essential services; public good; Public Goods; confirmed case; vulnerable population; resilient recovery; project financing; minimum level; job opportunities; lost income; education facility; movement restriction; emergency need; working day



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Pablo,Christopher T.

Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Additional Financing for COVID-19 Response under the Third Municipal Development Project - P174781 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.