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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Niger Adaptive Safety Net Project 2 Additional Financing - P173013 (English)


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    Project Information and Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet

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    Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Niger Adaptive Safety Net Project 2 Additional Financing - P173013

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    Cash Transfer; Social Protection and Labor Systems; Population and Health; Gender-Based Violence; safety net system; resilience to climate change; Environmental and Social Impact; social safety net system; climate shock; efficiency of service delivery; Food Security and Nutrition; climate-related shock; Internally Displaced Person; vulnerability to climate shocks; project design and implementation; Cash for Work Program; Integrated Pest Management; formal code of conduct; Rain-fed Agriculture; Climate Adaptation and Mitigation; better access to market; Environmental and Social Safeguard; response to shock; million people; cash transfer program; disaster risk financing; safety net intervention; social protection system; food insecure areas; safety net program; social and environmental; income generating activity; climate change adaptation; early warning indicator; safeguard policy; Safeguard Policies; physical cultural resources; state of emergency; risk mitigating strategies; data collection effort; household food security; heavy rainfall events; early warning system; influx of refugees; resilience of communities; data collection protocols; utilization of pesticide; safety net operation; food price inflation; food security situation; safety of dam; risk management strategy; payment of cash; safety net policy; human capital development; high risk area; social risk management; risk of conflict; access to land; impact of intervention; personal data protection; social cash transfers; impact of conflict; social protection institution; mobile payment system; Social Safety Nets; human capital accumulation; impact of climate; girls in school; business and education; demand for land; financing instrument; growth in agriculture; children per woman; national poverty line; delivery of health; household affect; rural area; vulnerable household; drought response; poor household; urban household; food insecurity; land degradation; property right; vulnerable people; involuntary resettlement; lean season; agricultural sector; intermediate indicator; emergency support; positive impact; vulnerable area; pilot program; young population; agricultural productivity; natural disaster; food crisis; climate variability; climate vulnerability; Natural Resources; month period; emergency response; Host Communities; Water Security; soil erosion; climate resilience; household impact; trigger mechanism; measure of support; food assistance; supply chain; environmental safeguard; child stunting; social transfer; data management; security risk; sensitization campaign; safeguard issue; data integrity; monthly transfers; support policy; flood; women's empowerment; operational efficiency; off-farm employment; capacity strengthening; livelihood support; societal norms; high fertility; extreme poverty; institutional aspect; payment schedule; social status; social cohesion; domestic activity; safeguard specialist; operational process; adolescent girl; internal auditor; early marriage; empowering women; heavy burden; rural population; gender dimension; information flow; mitigation measure; several constraints; random sample; increased security; beneficiary selection; targeted program; community sensitization; soil degradation; compensation payment; core principle; rainwater harvesting; outreach activity; payment provider; social program; financial gap; program beneficiary; vulnerable population; civil works; coping mechanism; agricultural activity; agricultural price; Coping Mechanisms; sociocultural norms; rainfall variability; community ownership; arbitrage opportunity; environmental performance; community dynamics; targeting tool; program finance; capacity constraint; project intervention; high poverty; human capacity; personal information; several times; participatory approach; climate trends; agricultural season; social policy; social policies; household data; village assembly; safeguards requirement; payment mechanism; results framework; national mechanism



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Project Information Document-Integrated Safeguards Data Sheet - Niger Adaptive Safety Net Project 2 Additional Financing - P173013 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.