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Post Review : Youth Employment Note (English)

As Sierra Leone’s overwhelmingly young population comes of age and enters the labor market, the country has a one-time opportunity to experience rapid and inclusive economic development. However, the pace of job creation in the country has not kept up with the number of youths entering the labor market every year. This note uses data from the most recent Sierra Leone integrated household survey (SLIHS) and other secondary sources to shed light on the labor market outcomes and challenges faced by youth in the country. The quantitative analysis is supplemented using existing literature and qualitative review of policies and programs that aim to support the agenda of youth employment. This report presents executive summary in section one. Section two, introduction, takes stock of the larger macroeconomic trends related to the labor market in Sierra Leone and describes the demographic, educational, and social characteristics of the youth, ending with the outlook for labor market amidst Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Section three discusses employment, unemployment, and underemployment indicators by socio-economic characteristics of youth and the broader working-age population. Section four discusses demand side factors constraining labor market outcomes for youth and section five discusses supply side factors. Section six charts out opportunities in Sierra Leone’s labor market. Section seven reviews current youth employment programs and section eight offers areas for policy considerations and future directions for improving the labor market outcomes for youth. Section nine concludes.




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Adhikari,Samik Chatterjee,Shreya Mileiva,Steisianasari Buya Kamara,Hannah Kargbo,Abu

Post Review : Youth Employment Note (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.