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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Ukraine Emergency COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Project - P175895 (English)


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    Borrowing Agency

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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    Europe and Central Asia,

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    Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Ukraine Emergency COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Project - P175895

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    stakeholder engagement; access to public information; Vaccines; health management information systems; project design and implementation; general population; medical waste management; health care facilities; health care facility; round of consultations; health care system; social media; cold chain; public health system; consultations with stakeholders; acute respiratory disease; storage of vaccine; doses of vaccine; long-term care facilities; health care institutions; public health center; waste management equipment; waste management system; procurement of vaccine; health care service; duration of immunity; storage facility capacity; personal protective equipment; conditions of use; source of vaccine; infectious disease outbreak; access to information; spread of virus; women-headed households; people with disability; civil society group; medical waste disposal; risk complication; public health worker; application of safeguards; procedures for public; vaccine production capacity; public information disclosure; public consultation process; private sector provider; public health laboratory; disease surveillance system; high risk group; availability of vaccine; assessment of need; development of information; grievance redress mechanism; primary health care; medical workers; population group; vaccination campaign; vulnerable individual; vulnerable group; million people; stakeholder identification; vaccination program; Virtual Meeting; medical institutions; stakeholder consultation; non-governmental organization; Nursing Home; detention facility; eligible population; high-risk group; pretrial detention; vaccination coverage; vaccination process; legislative framework; military personnel; other development; negotiated prices; social worker; Nursing homes; vaccine coverage; national system; private provider; inpatient care; local population; information access; infected person; participatory instruments; social distance; local self government; primary care; state policy; healthcare professional; healthcare waste; disposal system; appropriate procedure; project delays; mobile teams; disadvantaged population; physical accessibility; equal representation; fiscal constraint; rapid assessment; electronic version; eligibility criterion; sector employees; education worker; vaccination protocol; epidemiological condition; residential institution; awareness building; public system; public provider; affected population; eligible patients; health facility; available capacity; free access; the administration; draft law; public survey; local referendum; citizen engagement; Legal responsibility; state control; state power; legislative process; digital skills; information service; laboratory equipment; vaccine stock; Data Protection; individual level; social sustainability; sanitary landfill; brand name; Social Assessment; medical equipment; protective gear; antigen testing; based systems; internal monitoring; good health; local bodies; communications campaign; central authority; mass media; information package; State Security; local action; remote communication; emergency aid; dry ice; hospital information; infected people; in detention; sterilization equipment; information worker; sector work; Medical care; disposal service; Social Protection; information age; home visit; medical protocols; vaccination schedule; state finance; opinion leaders; communication media; regional performance; public achievement; reform implementation; significant challenge; preparation finance; Effective Date; regional measures; vaccination information; prevention measures; stakeholder interest; prophylactic measures; vulnerable people; emergency response; hospital sector; safety institution; vaccination procedure; pandemic plan; official departments; emergency communication; vaccine storage; awareness raising; social network; financial insecurity; daily maximum; health condition; cultural sensitivities; particular sensitivity; population level; medical treatment



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Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) - Ukraine Emergency COVID-19 Response and Vaccination Project - P175895 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.