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Final Addendum to Technical Assessment - Indonesia Emergency Response to COVID-19 Additional Financing - P175759 (English)


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    Program-for-Results Technical Assessment

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    East Asia and Pacific,

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    Final Addendum to Technical Assessment - Indonesia Emergency Response to COVID-19 Additional Financing - P175759

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    financing need; monitoring and evaluation capacity; Vaccines; supply chain and logistics; national health insurance; short period of time; supply chain management; point of service; essential health services; public health laboratory; capacity for implementation; public health facility; disbursement linked indicators; personal data protection; severe respiratory illness; Health Service Delivery; theory of change; source of vaccine; point of entry; source of financing; polymerase chain reaction; maternal health service; military and police; national regulatory authority; quality of health; routine immunization services; integrated risk; public service worker; procurement of vaccine; primary health care; service delivery models; point of care; distribution of vaccines; illness and death; public health system; intensive care units; use of technology; public health center; port of entry; availability of vaccine; payment of compensation; quality of care; several other areas; local government capacity; high immunization coverage; cold chain; medical facility; readiness assessment; vaccine delivery; adverse events; emergency response; logistics information; mass vaccination; communication strategy; coverage rate; data privacy; vaccine candidate; infection prevention; installed capacity; macroeconomic risk; calendar quarter; economic recovery; monitoring device; claim payment; development partner; Waste Management; free vaccines; local production; adult population; vaccination campaign; Health Workers; vaccine supply; survey data; administrative datum; expenditure framework; mitigation measure; immunization capacity; national budget; existing population; vaccine efficacy; capitation payment; pandemic response; vaccine storage; results framework; Medical care; social behavior; confirmed case; working day; institutional framework; patient isolation; surveillance system; privacy protection; community response; distribution cost; monitoring tool; procurement mechanism; external source; medical device; local budget; budgetary allocation; national regulation; operational expense; national authority; global experience; regular assessment; logistics strategy; outreach service; vulnerable population; senior citizen; clean water; power company; regular monitoring; health post; private clinic; village post; pharmaceutical financing; fiscal transfer; vaccine need; bottom-up approach; regulatory approval; stock management; tracking system; data quality; outreach campaign; community level; waiver mechanism; effective governance; regulatory standard; Management Systems; program coverage; registration process; citizen engagement; vaccine strategy; isolation rooms; civil registration; under production; population group; data storage; immunization data; population number; medical supply; budget allocation; professional training; vaccination information; domestic preference; administrative personnel; first wave; active surveillance; supervision system; subnational levels; school child; school base; compensation scheme; recording system; system improvement; national immunization; immunization infrastructure; operational guidance; Program of Activities; surveillance mechanism; testing laboratory; outbreak management; incremental cost; respiratory symptom; clinical management; emergency need; population level; target beneficiary; overall expenditure; government budget; cases reported; equal amount; cultural sensitivities; transparent process; remote province; elderly person; pharmaceutical company; health response; vaccination delivery; Learning and Innovation Credit; information service; production capacity; program expenditure; diagnostic laboratories; management structure; new element; case detection; program development; nutrition outreach; social recovery; child immunization; vaccine production; month period; global population; national strategy; vaccination program; monthly payment; several sources; community engagement; equitable access; rural area



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Final Addendum to Technical Assessment - Indonesia Emergency Response to COVID-19 Additional Financing - P175759 (English). Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.