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Mauritius - Second Highway Project (English)

This is the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) for the Second Highway Project (SHP) in Mauritius. The objectives of the SHP were to: (i) protect capital investment on roads by strengthening and improving the service life of important road sections with high traffic volume; (ii) strengthen MOW's capacity for road maintenance planning and operations, including traffic management; and (iii) establish effective vehicle safety and emission control procedures. Bank performance was satisfactory. The Borrower's performance was satisfactory. The key lessons learned from the project were as follows: (a) the next resurfacing prograii for periodic maintenance would benefit from the setting up of a Pavement Management System, which monitors and updates all relevant data on condition surveys, pavement strength, rainfall intensity and classified traffic counts; (b) it is essential for a Road Agency to have a system for updating unit rates annually, based on the fluctuation of market prices for labor, equipment and materials; (c) long-term, the Road Sector Master Plan (RSMP) should provide a sound basis for lending program of future investments and strategy of road development in the transport sector; (d) for capacity building of the road institutions, the possibility of establishing a twinning arrangement with other countries should be explored in the special areas of traffic management, transport-related air pollution, and technology transfer to the Borrower's country; (e) for preparation of action plans in this special area, it is necessary to include a sufficient skill mix in a project's appraisal team; (f) as a general rule, the momentum of procurement procedures should override any other consideration within the Bank's guidelines; (g) objectives relating to sector policies, particularly involving legislation procedures, should not be too ambitious; and (h) although it is good to reach the objective of decentralization, it needs strong inter-agency coordination for harmonizing development and maintenance of the country's road network.


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    Mauritius - Second Highway Project

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